Eye-Catching 50’s Hairstyles for Short Hair Lovers



The 50’s trend short hairstyles were always beloved with the young and older similar and hair could be worn in a diversity of ways, but it would always feature soft waves and/or curls. Many shorter styles tended to be quite straight and flat on the crown space, with the curls and waves concentrated around the mid-length to the ends of the hair. Curls would continue all around the hair, including the nape. We search for you best ideas of 50’s Hairstyles For Short Hair, you can try in 2015 easily. If you love the old look fashion these short hairstyles will be very great idea for a chic style. Pick your best picture and try on your hair!

1. Charming 50’s Hairstyle with Short Hair

Best 50s Hairstyles for Short Hair


2. Curly 50’s Short Hair with Bobby Pin

Curly 50s Short Hair


3. 50’s Hairstyle with Curly Short Hair

50s Hairstyles Curly Short Hair


4. Cute Short 50s Curled Hair

Short 50s Curled Hair

5. Pin Up 50’s Woman Short Golden Blonde Hairstyle

Pin Up 50s Women Short Hairstyles


6. Very Curly Short 50’s Hairstyle for Women

Curly Short 50s Hairstyles for Women


7. Best 50’s Short Thick Hairdo

Best 50s Short Hairdos

8. 50’s Short Curly Hairdo with Short Bangs

50s Short Curly Hairdos

9. Audrey Hepburn 50’s Short Dark Hair

Audrey Hepburn 50's Short Hair

10. 50s Older Woman with Short Hair

50s Older Women Short Hair Ideas

11. Chic 50’s Short Platinium Blonde Curly Hair

Chic 50s Short Curly Hair


12. 50’s Pin Up Short Blonde Hairstyle

50s Pin Up Short Hairstyles

13. 50s Pin Up Short Hair with Bun

50s Pin Up Short Hair


14. 1950s Woman with Short Dark Hairstyle

1950s Women Short Hairstyles


15. Finger Wave 50s Short Hairstyle

Finger Wave 50s Short Hair


16. 50s Short Blonde Curly Hair Back View

50s Short Curly Hair Back View

17. Dita Von 50’s Style Short Dark Curly Hair

Dita Von 50s Short Curly Hair

18. Cute Pin Up Short Curly Hair 50s

Pin Up Short Curly Hair 50s