40+ Most Popular Short Hairstyles that You Will Adore



Looking for new short hairstyle ideas? We’re here to help you, have rounded up hottest 40+ Most Popular Short Hairstyles that You Will Adore for you to get inspired!

Short haircut produces a very attractive and lively look that is youthful, yet flattering for women with different hair textures and from all ages. Short hairstyles are easy to maintain, convenient at work, comfortable for everyday use. There is some points to pay attention before choosing your short haircut: it should be matching with your face shape and your hair texture. For instance, if you have a round face, there are no rules that you can’t have a short haircut! One of the most flattering styles to slim chubby cheeks is a short hairstyle with lots of volume on top, tapered down to sharp points at the sides. With these gorgeously trendy short hairstyle examples, you have an excellent and original opportunity to have new haircut ideas that will help you to create a graceful short hairstyles with minimum effort.

1. Short Hairstyle

Pulling hair to one side in a romantic loose french braid is a no-brainer for any girl with long hair, but with this face shape, the style is all the more stunning.
Short Hairstyles

2. Trendy Hairstyle Short Hair

To duplicate the look, you’d blow dry your locks with a lift at the roots and shape light waves, using a curling iron or a flat iron, set at a low temperature. Tousle your locks slightly for a more natural look.
Hairstyle Short Hair

3. Trending Short Hairstyle

This choppy piecey lob softens the strong chin and reveals the high cheek bones.
Trending Short Hairstyles

4. Short Haircut Hairstyle

If you don’t like all those waves and curls and would rather prefer the extra short length, your short hair cut can certainly be edgy, modern and chic.
Short Haircut Hairstyles

5. Stylish Short Haircut Hairstyle

This medium blonde hairstyle is stunning thanks to its color and texture. The side bangs and short layers in the front highlight the cheek bones in the best possible way.
Short Haircuts Hairstyles

6. Ruffled Pixie

Short edgy pixie with highlighted ends is effortless in styling and fabulous-looking in day-to-day wear.
Best Short Hairstyles-6

7. Curly Pixie Cut

Not sure if you want a short fringe with your pixie cut or long bangs? Do both. The fun part about choosing asymmetry when you go short is there’s still room to go shorter, so you can continue to experiment. Not to mention that it’s totally cute.
Best Short Hairstyles-7

8. Soft Waves And Side Bangs

To copy the look, you need to comb your locks to one side and shape the large smooth waves with a large barrel or conical curling iron.
Best Short Hairstyles-8

9. Pixie with Curls and Finger Waves

This pixie cut for round face will most likely require a professional to style. You can go to the salon once a week to keep up the perfect curls and waves.
Best Short Hairstyles-9

10. Sexy Blonde Lob

Haircuts for square faces can work for a variety of lengths, but this one is a surefire favorite right now.
Best Short Hairstyles-10

11. Voluminous Pixie Cut

For a long pixie that has plenty of Old Holywood glamour, style hair up, back and to the side. You will definitely need a blow dryer to achieve volume this high.
Best Short Hairstyles-11

12. Highlighted Waves

As long as you soften the edges at the expense of texture, you can wear your comfortable short hair length and look great.
Best Short Hairstyles-12

13. Piecey Pixie Cut

When you go short, you can also breathe new life into thin hair. This look should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to style. Before blow drying use a heat protectant that also provides medium hold. Then blow dry hair forward and use fingers to create the piecey texture.
Best Short Hairstyles-13

14. Extra Short Pixie

To style it, you’ll need a fine tooth comb, a quality gel that won’t later turn flaky, and just a few minutes. Sigh. Any girl who has spent hours in front of a mirror is getting jealous right about now.
Best Short Hairstyles-14

15. Cute Short Hairstyle

This lovely downdo is pretty easy to style: blow dry your locks with a lift at the roots. Straighten the bangs, when blow-drying with a round brush, and define their ends with a curling iron.
Best Short Hairstyles-15

16. Asymmetric Bob

You would need to blow-dry your locks, using a round brush that shapes the flipped-in ends. You may want to use a flat-iron instead of a blow-dryer if you want to achieve a smoother texture.
Best Short Hairstyles-16

17. Gorgeous Feathered Look

It bears just the right amount of sassiness to make an impression of a modern and active lady, is that you?
Best Short Hairstyles-17

18. Classy Bob

This hairstyle elongates your face flatteringly, camouflaging its corners.
Best Short Hairstyles-18

19. Flowy Dark Pixie Cut

When you go for a pixie cut for round face, you should definitely think out of the box. If sweet, short bangs aren’t you, then keep them long. With the long choppy pieces on top, you can pull off a variety of looks—everything from punky faux hawks to tiny top knots.
Best Short Hairstyles-19

20. Soft Brown Look

Here is a layered chin-length haircut combed back to open the facial contours. Backcombing close to the roots and nonchalant bangs, caressing the forehead, bring this sweet look to perfection.
Best Short Hairstyles-20

21. Short Black Hairstyle for Curly Hair

What’s that—a shaggy pixie haircut? Wasn’t this style supposed to be all precise, with spikes, and layers? It can be, but this photo demonstrates that it also works miraculously well and low-maintenance on naturally curly hair.
Best Short Hairstyles-21

22. Short And Ultra Straight

Short pixie hairstyles with elongated bangs look so cool on girls with square faces. Besides, you may try both straight and wavy pixies with fancily styled bangs.
Best Short Hairstyles-22

23. Medium Layered Brown Hairstyle With Bangs

With a side part above one temple and bangs falling to the other temple, this haircut is really the best explanation of the hairstyling term “frame.” The cut is incredibly flattering and easy to maintain.
Best Short Hairstyles-23

24. Short-to-Medium Dark Short Hairstyle

Very classic and easy to style.
Best Short Hairstyles-24

25. Dark to Golden Pixie Cut

The golden blonde is very flattering on her skin, but could be jarring on any one who looks best in cool tones. Success in going blonde is all about the hue you choose!
Best Short Hairstyles-25

26. Curly Top Pixie

Those of you with crazy curly hair do not have to settle for a life of heavy long locks.
Best Short Hairstyles-26

27. Highlighted Short Hair with Bangs

This hairstyle can be recreated with styling foam and a flat iron. Blow dry your hair with a bit of styling foam, previously applied to your damp hair, and shape random loose curls throughout your mane –easy, yet impressive and very trendy in 2016!
Best Short Hairstyles-27

28. Hair Hues for Dark Skin

Finding a flattering hair color for dark skin is likely the most challenging. The key is to remember that the right color is not based off of skin shade alone – you also have to keep your eye color in mind.
Best Short Hairstyles-28

29. Short and Tousled Pixie

This sweet, feminine cut has a very short tapered back that curves with the head and long messy pieces on top. This is the classic pixie, a staple for women who love going short.
Best Short Hairstyles-29

30. Pixie Cut with Beautiful Waves

Pixie haircuts for round faces look great with waves and curls too. The texture just has to be purposeful—not lazy. Super curly hair can be smoothed out just enough to create sleekness. Or with naturally wavy hair, you can air dry and then fix a few pieces with a curling iron.
Best Short Hairstyles-30

31. Bob With Highlights

A bob cut is above time, it’s elegant and classy. It’s a good solution of transition from long locks to shorter hairstyles which are, however, not extremely short. Pair it with thin bangs and consider illusive highlights for a modern quirk.
Best Short Hairstyles-31

32. Short Crop for Thick Hair

Short hair is not out of your reach if you have a square jawline, but you wouldn’t want a blunt cut that hits right at your jaw corners.
Best Short Hairstyles-32

33. Girly Voluminous Waves

This style is also appealing because of the balayage highlights, which reveal the rosy cheeks and create the overall youthful and lively appearance.
Best Short Hairstyles-33

34. Boyish Pixie Cut with Short Bangs

Dark, totally straight and fresh!
Best Short Hairstyles-34

35. Edgy Half Shaved Pixie Bob

This cut will have you turning heads wherever you go. For women with short haircuts who want to show off their edgy style, it’s also recommended to choose an eye-catching hair color.
Best Short Hairstyles-35

36. Sassy Pixie

This texturized pixie is enhanced with a few bold nonchalant spikes on top. We would recommend this to women with oval faces and regular facial features.
Best Short Hairstyles-36

37. Volume & Shagginess

A nice lift at the roots and layers of flicks for fairly thick hair are exactly what it takes to achieve this fabulous effect.
Best Short Hairstyles-37

38. Punky Bleached Pixie Cut

For pixie hairstyles that are young and modern, gold is a great go-to. Especially when dark hair is peaking through! This is a grungy cool look that will definitely improve your everyday style.
Best Short Hairstyles-38

39. Short Textured A-Line Hairstyle

Subtle highlights and some volume around your face are big pluses.
Best Short Hairstyles-39

40. Messy Pixie Cut

This is so adorable! Part pixie, part bowl cut, the imperfect styling reveals a spunky personality. Ask your stylist for blunt cut bangs, cute short sideburns and longer hair tousled on top. When hair is short, your face becomes the star, so experiment with fun, colorful makeup.
Best Short Hairstyles-40

41. Cute Braided Lob

Shorter hairstyles for square faces should incorporate sweeping side bangs and lots of layers. Whether or not you have thick hair, you can fake it with this curly bob look.
Best Short Hairstyles-41

42. Contemporary Short-to-Medium Cut

This medium length style is very modern thanks to the imperfect waves and a side part.
Best Short Hairstyles-42