Most Favourite 40 Short Haircuts for Women 2015



Short hair styles for ladies are really trendy right now and even though we might have forgotten short hair cuts for a latest years, it’s time for you to make the most of their own amazing advantages yet again! Firstly, short hair styles don’t have ‘bad hair’ days and also you never need to battle to manage hair which has grown out of its shape and began to behave really badly. I’ve realized that I feel a lot more calm now I’ve changed to a short hair style, simply because I’m not necessarily worrying about exactly how my hair looks! On the past year, the quantity of ladies who rock the short hair styles wasn’t as large as those of these days. People once think that short hair cuts are extremely edgy and never so excellent for ladies. But because years pass by, more and more ladies start to attempt the trendy short hairstyles. Right now, the short hairstyles are getting ever more popular and listed here are different options to style the short hair for women. Your special hair dresser these days will probably explain to you Most Favourite 40 Short Haircuts for Women 2015 for you to the rock. Just simply stay here and get yourself inspired! Try the trendy short haircut in 2015.

1. Layered Pixie 2015

Short layered long pixie cuts really trending and looks stunning.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015

2. Short Dark Hair

In 2016 bob cut really trending as always, and you can try this asymmetrical cut:

Short Hair Women 2016

3. Short Brown Hair

Brown colored hair with side swept short layered hair.

Short Hair For Women 2016

4. Short Straight

Highlighted modern short haircut can save your style

Short Haircut For Women 2015

5. Woman Dark Hair

A simple-shaggy short hair cut looks really stylish also you can save your time.

Womens Short Hair 2016

6. Inverted Bob

If you looking for a simple short haircut, this inverted dark bob may help you for a new look.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-6

7. Graduated Cut

One of the most favourite short hair style, graduated bob cut for modern ladies.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-7

8. Kaley’s Short Hair

Kaley Cuoco’s short blonde hair looks really classy in this pic: slicked back and stunning!

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-8

9. Shinny Brown

Soft wavy brown bob totally popular for young ladies.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-9

10. A Simple Bob

Messy look pretty trending these days. If you love relaxed look, you can try this cut.


Short Haircuts For Women 2015-10

11. Adorable Bob Cut

Ash brown dark hair with a lovely bob cut. If you ready for a new look, this is greatest one!

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-11

12. Simple Chin Length Bob

If you need a casual look for your straight fine hair this short hair cut will help you for a new style.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-12

13. Long Inverted

When it’s getting hot on the out side, short hairstyles will save your day! And this nice blonde inverted bob pretty nice idea for summer days.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-13

14. Layered Style

A red dyed angled bob haircut is new and popular style, both for straight and wavy hair. This is straight and looks pretty thick.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-14

15. Nice Color

This sand blonde bob hair with dark brown roots, looks so attractive for women over 30:

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-15

16. Alexa Chung’s Hair

She is the best icon for new styles and trends. And her bob cut really pretty.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-16

17. Asian Bob

This asian style medium bob looks really adorable with bangs.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-17

18. Classy and Modern

Theron has really nice and beautiful short hair style.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-18

19. Dark Pixie

Here is dark and simple pixie style that can be created easily with hair gel.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-19

20. Nice Pixie Cut

This short hairstyle with pixie looks really unique and nice.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-20

21. Layered Short Bob

Here is a layered short blonde bob hairstyle that can be suitable for women of all ages especially business ladies.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-21

22. Wispy Bangs

Here is a pixie hairstyle with wispy bangs that can be inspiring for some.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-22

23. Short Bob and Bangs

This short bob hair with long bangs is really feminine and stylish that you may want to choose this as your next hairstyle.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-23

24. Wavy Bob with Bangs

This dark blonde bob hairstyle with bangs styled into beachy waves and looks really stylish.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-24

25. Elegant Bob Hairstyle

Her elegant side parted bob hairstyle can be sported for special occasions.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-25

26. Bob Hairstyle

Here is a neat yet elegant bob hairstyle for  women with dark thick hair.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-26

27. Gray Pixie

This would be a classy straight pixie style with bangs without this gray hair color.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-27

28. Red Short Hair

This red messy short hairstyle would makes pop up green and blue eye color.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-28

29. Ombre Long Bob

Here is a long bob hairstyle with blonde ombre hair color, this one for ladies who are seeking for a nice lob style!

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-29

30. Shaved Pixie

This shaved pixie style would be a great change for summer with those highlights you will look really cute yet edgy.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-30

31. Blonde Bob Haircut

Her straight blonde bob hairstyle is timeless can be adopted for any occasions.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-31

32. Cute Bob

This cute bob hairstyle is great for younger ladies with think hair texture.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-32

33. Chic Pixie Style

This blondie sports a stylish casual pixie style with her chic glasses and red lips.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-33

34. Wavy Blonde Pixie

You can also create wavy pixie style, even if don’t have wavy hair in the first place!

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-34

35. Tapered Pixie with Highlights


Short Haircuts For Women 2015-35

36. Pink Bob

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-36

37. Stacked Back

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-37

38. Short Layered Blonde

She looks really feminine and stunning with her layered short blonde hairstyle and winged eye liner.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-38

39. Asymmetrical Bob

With stacked back layers, this asymmetrical is so inspiring that you may wan to try this short hairstyle any time soon!

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-39

40. Stylish Pixie

Her light hair color and side parted pixie with shaved sides looks effortlessly cool and stylish.

Short Haircuts For Women 2015-40