40+ Girl’s Short Haircuts for Any Taste



Our haircuts are key piece of our look, so it should be selected thoughtfully. Here are we have gathered 40+ Girl’s Short Haircuts for Any Taste, you cann get inspired by these looks! Apparently, short haircuts will be in trends for next years, so do not be late for latest hairstyle trends! Side-swept bangs and angled bob frame her face so well! This style is perfect for girls with round face shapes. The shaggy pixie is a great get-up-and-go style, and the slightly grown-out style is a bit more versatile for styling. The shorter, shoulder-length style and trendy ombre color can give your appearance a chic and fresher update. The deep side parted bob hairstyle and side-swept bangs are super flattering for more angular faces. Girls with classical bob hairstyles or pixie cut can dye their hair pastel colors for more unique look. Our gallery includes layered short haircuts, chic pixies, variation of bob hairstyles, different hair color ideas and more! Check these cute and young short hairstyles for girls and choose your style!

1. Short Haircut for Girls

Here is a great example for girls who want to have a bob haircut.

Short Haircuts for Girls

2. Short Girl Haircut

This pixie hairstyle is great for special occasions if you’re looking for one.

Short Girl Haircuts

3. Hairstyle for Short Hair Girls

Her short bob hairstyle is little bit wavy and layered that looks really natural and stylish.

Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls

4. Short Haircut Girl

This dark bob hairstyle with highlights looks really nice and chic.

Short Haircut Girls

5. Girl with Short Hair Cut

Here is a pixie style that can be worn by girls, her glasses and tattoos completes her style.

Girls with Short Hair Cuts

6. Green Hair Color

For girls who want to stand out of the crowd easily can dye their hair to green or blue.

Short Haircuts for Girls-6

7. Angled Short Hair

Want a stylish and unique hairstyle?  This angled short hairstyle would be definitely perfect for you.

Short Haircuts for Girls-7

8. Curly Short Hair

Here is an example of a curly short bob hairstyle for girls with curly hair.

Short Haircuts for Girls-8

9. Edgy Short Hair

This platinum blonde pixie cut is so edgy and stylish, if you want experiment something new with your hair this would be great for you.

Short Haircuts for Girls-9

10. Long Bob

Here is a short yet long hairstyle for girls who don’t want to go all short. This long bob hairstyle is really popular among girls.

Short Haircuts for Girls-10

11. Bob Hairstyle

Her wet hair look, make her regular bob hairstyle a fancy one.

Short Haircuts for Girls-11

12. Short Pixie Cut

Pixie cut  emphasize your facial features.  Just look at her glowing skin and her very short pixie cut with blonde hair color.

Short Haircuts for Girls-12

13. Blonde Pixie Style

This blonde pixie hairstyle is perfect for women of all ages.

Short Haircuts for Girls-13

14. Cute Bob Haircut

Emma Watson’s cute bob hairstyle can be inspiration for young ladies all around the world.

Short Haircuts for Girls-14

15. Blonde Pixie

Here is a blonde pixie style that looks really cute and

Short Haircuts for Girls-15

16. Pixie Back View

Here is a back view of a tapered pixie cut.

Short Haircuts for Girls-16

17. Trendy Bob Hair

This lightly highlighted bob hairstyle is one of the best hair trend of this year.

Short Haircuts for Girls-17

18. A-line Bob

Get inspired by her a-line bob hairstyle with layering.

Short Haircuts for Girls-18

19. Bob Back View

Here is a lightly layered bob hairstyle that can be seen back view of it.

Short Haircuts for Girls-19

20. Layered Bob

This brunette girl rock this layered bob hairstyle in different ways.

Short Haircuts for Girls-20

21. Straight Bob Hair

Here is a longer bob hairstyle that can worn by women with straight hair.

Short Haircuts for Girls-21

22. Dark Pixie Cut

Here is a dark pixie hairstyle for women with a thick hair texture.

Short Haircuts for Girls-22

23. Gray Bob Hair

One of the trendiest hair color of this year was gray so it goes great with bob hairstyle too!

Short Haircuts for Girls-23

24. Girls Pixie Style

This is neat and cute pixie haircut for lovely girls.

Short Haircuts for Girls-24

25. Trendy Bob for Girls

Here is another nice option for girls, this bob hairstyle look little bit messy and trendy.

Short Haircuts for Girls-25

26. Bob with Bangs

Short Haircuts for Girls-26

27. Colored Bob Hair

Short Haircuts for Girls-27

28. Pixie for Girls

Short Haircuts for Girls-28

29. Short Bob Hair

Short Haircuts for Girls-29

30. Blunt Bob

Short Haircuts for Girls-30

31. Straight Blonde

Short Haircuts for Girls-31

32. Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Short Haircuts for Girls-32

33. Stylish Pixie Hair

Short Haircuts for Girls-33

34. Red Short Bob

Short Haircuts for Girls-34

35. Dark Bob Hairstyle

Short Haircuts for Girls-35

36. Very Short Pixie

Short Haircuts for Girls-36

37. Wavy Blonde Bob

Short Haircuts for Girls-37

38. Ombre Bob

Short Haircuts for Girls-38

39. Pink Bob Hair

Here is pink bob hair with messy beachy waves! You can see that she has little layering on the back of her hair and hair color transition all around her hair.

Short Haircuts for Girls-39

40. Pixie and Bangs

This pixie style looks great on her with caramel hues and messy bangs.

Short Haircuts for Girls-40

41. Cute Girl’s Bob Hair

This side parted blonde bob hairstyle looks gorgeous, fresh and young at the same time.

Short Haircuts for Girls-41

42. Edgy Pixie for Girls

This wispy fringes and edgy pixie cut can give you contrarian look that you have been seeking.

Short Haircuts for Girls-42

43. Cute Blonde Bob

Look at this cute girl! She has ombre bob hairstyle that is very popular among young ladies.

Short Haircuts for Girls-43