40+ Short Haircuts Will Add a Trendy Twist Into Your Look



Short hairstyles are easy to style in the morning, convenient at work, feels comfortable and ready to go hairstyle. In this gallery we have listed up 40+ Short Haircuts Will Add a Trendy Twist Into Your Look and give you some inspiration.

Women used to think that short hairstyle is made up of pixie cut and short bob. Actually there are lots of hairstyles for short hair. You can add bangs to your short bob hairstyle. Layered short hairstyles are extremely trendy for this year and there’s a short hair cut to fit and flatter every face shape and body. If you feel that you can not give your long hairstyle the attention it deserves, then you are better off with a short haircut that can compliment your facial features.

Ready for an exciting short haircut ideas? These hairstyles are quick and easy, and for a small amount of effort you can look great in straight, wavy or curly ‘dos. They include unusual, bright, fun, avant-garde, geometric and fashionable hairstyles. Add a touch of coolness and youth to your appearance with these trendy short hairstyle ideas that are easy to maintain.

1. Short Hair Cut

This is a really great haircut universally flattering for thick, thin or fine hair.
Short Hair Cuts

2. Short Hair Cut Style

The short length of this hairstyle does not mean that trendy coloring is out of the question.
Short Hair Cut

3. Hair Cut Short

Pixie Cut With short thick hair, you don’t have to limit yourself. You just have to be certain you’re in good hands.
Hair Cuts Short

4. Best Hair Cut Short Hair

To keep it sophisticated, colors just can’t go too light, but instead just a couple shades lighter than the rest of the hair. This sweet style is very youthful.
Hair Cut Short Hair

5. Trendy Short Haircut

Short cuts are the most fun way to freshen up your look. Suddenly, you’re weightless!
Short Cut Hair Styles

6.Layered Thick Hair Crop

A leather jacket looks way less serious when paired with a cute wavy style.
Short Hair Cuts-6

7. Short Sassy Bob

Short haircuts for thick hair look great when locks are straightened.
Short Hair Cuts-7

8 Short Messy Hairstyle

The natural texture proves that short hair can definitely be low maintenance. Just use a mouse before air drying.
Short Hair Cuts-8

9. Short Layered Hair Style

Layers are key for short to medium styles. You don’t have to remove volume.
Short Hair Cuts-9

10. Graduated Bob Hairstyle

The layers are shorter in the back and on the sides for a fun, flirty cut.
Short Hair Cuts-10

11. Short Blonde Bob Hairdo

Bob haircuts absolutely do work for women with thick hair. The front pieces frame the face nicely and will look so cute tucked behind the ears!
Short Hair Cuts-11

12. Adorable Pixie Cut

The subtle asymmetry of this cut adds some mystery, but it’s still easy to pull off.
Short Hair Cuts-12

13. Sleek Short Hair with Bangs

Very wearable and flattering, the cut is striking the right balance between flat and voluminous. The simplicity of the styling makes it youthful.
Short Hair Cuts-13

14. Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

The deep side part and asymmetry of this cut make for a modern look that is very flattering and suitable for thick or fine hair.
Short Hair Cuts-14

15. Short Layered Haircut for Thick Hair

A layered long bob haircut is a great way to keep thick hair tame.
Short Hair Cuts-15

16. Pixie-Bob Hairstyle

This popular Twiggy-reminiscent style is a great halfway point between a bob and a pixie.
Short Hair Cuts-16

17. Indierock Style

Same as boyfriend style, indierock is today at the peak of its popularity.
Short Hair Cuts-17

18. Short Voluminous Haircut

This haircut is a windfall for women with thick short hair, curly and disobedient. It’s pretty easy to style.
Short Hair Cuts-18

19. Long Bob Hairstyle

Not only this haircut is extremely stylish, it corrects the shape and size of your head.
Short Hair Cuts-19

20. Asymmetric Messy Bob Hair

Messy styling for a short haircut with elongated temple locks, leather jacket with metal embellishments, textured knitwear and ankle boots complete the look.
Short Hair Cuts-20

21. Long Blonde A-Line Bob Hairstyle

Dyeing helps to play up the texture of your haircut. The rightly chosen shades will bright up your look, refresh your skin tone and accentuate your eyes.
Short Hair Cuts-21

22. Short-To-Medium Highlighted Style

It’s a perfectly elegant look for any special occasion and an easy way to keep it classy.
Short Hair Cuts-22

23. Short-to-Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Instead of puffing out at the first sign of humidity, this style will only grow in a workable volume rather than in impossible frizz.
Short Hair Cuts-23

24. Very Short Pixie Cut

Fresh and practical! It looks very cool!
Short Hair Cuts-24

25. Edgy Layered Haircut

This haircut is pretty universal: it suits both thin and full-figured women. The layers, cut in steps, do not only remove the excessive bulk of thick hair.
Short Hair Cuts-25

26. Cap Cut Asymmetric Style

Depending on your face shape and neckline outlines, the “cap” can be either shortened or elongated.
Short Hair Cuts-26

27. Short Hairstyle with Blonde Tones

This haircut looks especially creative when implemented on the hair, dyed in cool blonde or copper tones.
Short Hair Cuts-27

28. Multiple Messy Layers

Adding layers throughout a short style is an easy way to create fullness, which is very beneficial for thinner hair.
Short Hair Cuts-28

29. Slick and Spiked

This is a good edgy style for fine hair, because it adds thickness throughout the crown with shorter pieces. Keep face-framing layers long to highlight your best features.
Short Hair Cuts-29

30. Long Wavy Pixie Cut

Messy looks wit long wavy bangs.
Short Hair Cuts-30

31.Thick Hair Bob

Curling hair into modern little twists lets the layering really shine.
Short Hair Cuts-31

32. Shaggy Brown Short Hair

Ask your stylist for a bob that is subtly longer in the front with barely there layers.
Short Hair Cuts-32

33. Pinky Grey Pixie Asymmetrical Pixie wit Long Bangs

This look is spicy without being too over the top.
Short Hair Cuts-33

34. Bob Hairstyle with Long Bangs

This one!! Violet-grey colored bob style is the best in this gallery!
Short Hair Cuts-34

35. Croppy Pixie Haircut

This pixie hairstyle is touchable and soft with natural-looking, easy waves and curls.
Short Hair Cuts-35

36. Short Spiky Tapered Haircut for Women

This type of haircut has gained wide popularity among business women over 30, because the “cap” isn’t too demanding in styling.
Short Hair Cuts-36

37. Grey Colored Long Pixie Style

These days, this grey pixie is so popular. We love it!
Short Hair Cuts-37

38. Angled Short Cut

The natural texture proves that short hair can definitely be low maintenance. Just use a mouse before air drying.
Short Hair Cuts-38

39. Curly Pixie with Side Undercuts

Many people think that boy cuts for women are supposed to be prim and proper, but it all depends on which cut you choose and how you style it.
Short Hair Cuts-39

40. Asymmetric Short Hairstyle

This one is natural and cool! Show your elegancy with natural waves.
Short Hair Cuts-40

41. Long Bob Hairstyle with Blonde Tones

Wavy or straight, there is no matter to show your and your hairs beauty!
Short Hair Cuts-41

42. Wavy Long Bob with Bangs

This hairstyle is nostalgic and also elegant!
Short Hair Cuts-42