The Most Preferred Short Hairstyles of 2016



Looking for latest short hairstyles for a drastic change? In this post we have gathered images of The Most Preferred Short Hairstyles of 2016 that you will totally adore! Short haircut is a perfect hairstyle that you can rock whether you have dark, blonde, brunette or rainbow hair. It frames and highlight your face make your cheek bones pop. Loose waves doesn’t have to belong to to long hair, women with short hairstyles can rock loose messy waves too! Bob hairstyles with beachy waves look absolutely gorgeous and trendy. If you want to change up classic bob hairstyles a little bit, angled bob hairstyles would be great for you. Angled and asymmetrical short hair styles look stunning with curly hair. You can use some honey or caramel blonde highlights to add much freshness and charm to the whole look. Here are the hottest short hairstyle of this year check our gallery for more inspirational short hair ideas! With these trendy short haircuts you will look much more fresh, sexy and chic!

1. Short Haircut for Women 2015

Kaley’s short bob hair looks chic and natural looking like she didn’t even spend time to style it!

Short Haircuts for Women 2015

2. Best Short Hair Women 2016

Here is a pixie hairstyle for curly hair.

Short Hair Women 2016

3. Short Hair for Women 2015

Short bobs are very trendy this season no matter what hair color you have.

Short Hair for Women 2015

4. Short Hair Cut for Women 2016

This deep side parted short bob hair may be your next hair style!

Short Haircut for Women 2016

5. Short Haircut for Women 2016

Look at this effortlessly good brunette pixie style!

Short Haircuts for Women 2016

6. Dark Bob

You can style your short hair slicked back or a slightly back like this one below:

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-6

7. Short Bob Style

Her short bob hairstyle styled into loose waves is simply gorgeous.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-7

8. Audrey Pixie

With her wispy bangs, short pixie style and big smile she looks cute and classy.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-8

9. Pixie Cut

Michelle Williams’s pixie cut is a proof that women with round faces can sport pixie cuts beautifully.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-9

10. Edgy Pixie

This edgy pixie style that pared with earrings and smokey eyes looks great on her.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-10

11. Pixie Hairstyle

Here is a blonde pixie that lightly layered, flatters her facial features.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-11

12. Side View

Here is a side view of a dark pixie hair cut.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-12

13. Chic Pixie Style

Charlize Theron’s iconic pixie style is a gorgeous version of side parted classy pixie cut.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-13

14. Pixie Haircut

She chop off her hair for a role and now she rocks short hairstyles beautifully.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-14

15. Bob Haircut

Look how modern and gorgeous she is with her new bob hairstyle!

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-15

16. Blonde Short Bob

Her blonde bob hair can be inspiring for mature women who is looking for new short hairstyle.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-16

17. Ombre Bob

Jessica Alba also chop her long longs to achieve this ombre bob hair style.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-17

18. Trendy Short Haircut

Emma Watson’s grow out pixie looks really cute yet stylish.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-18

19. Straight Bob

If you are looking for well groomed, clean bob haircut this one is perfect for you.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-19

20. Bob Hair for Girls

Here is a youthful bob hairstyle for young ladies!

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-20

21. Wavy Pixie

Look at this stylish pixie haircut! This stylish wavy pixie cut is stylish and eye catching.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-21

22. Blonde Pixie Cut

Side parted blonde pixie with bangs is a great way to style while you’re growing out your pixie.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-22

23. Bob Hair

Here is a ombre bob hairstyle for ladies with medium to dark skin tones.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-23

24. Pixie Hair

Messy short hairstyle are in trends lately an this pixie hairstyle is great example of this trend.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-24

25. New Pixie Style


Short Haircuts for Women 2015-25

26. Pixie with Bangs

Scarlett’s pixie cut with bangs is a great option for women with round faces.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-26

27. Edgy Pixie

This edgy pixie cut make your hair much more fuller, and your look younger.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-27

28. Undercut Pixie

Miley has a drastic change with this pixie style with a undercut and make this style very popular.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-28

29. Middle Parted Bob

You can great a stylish look with a middle parted bob hairstyle even when you have bangs.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-29

30. Short Bob Hairstyle

This is a great layered short bob hairstyle for mature ladies.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-30

31. Cute Bob Hair

This side parted blonde bob haircut styled into loose waves makes her cheek bones and eyes pop.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-31

32. Pixie and Bangs

Her edgy pixie hair lightly highlighted and emphasize her eyes nicely.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-32

33. Curly Bob

If you have wavy or curly dark hair this is nearly how you will look like with a bob haircut.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-33

34. Platinum Bob

Her flawless skin and cute facial features is just outstanding with this platinum blonde bob hair.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-34

35. Ombre Hair Bob

Here is another trendy look of this season, ombre hair color, beachy waves and layered bob hair…

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-35

36. Wavy Short Bob Style

You can have beachy waves even when you have a short bob hair, her hairstyle typify this hair trend.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-36

37. Kristen Stewart Pixie

Kristen has always a masculine and cool look, her long pixie complete her final look with her signature smokey eyes.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-37

38. Blonde Cute Pixie

This girl has a pixie aura that looks really adorable with her blonde pixie style.

Short Haircuts for Women 2015-38