35+ New Short Haircuts to Try This Summer



Short hairstyles are everywhere and extremely in trends! If you want to look stylish and chic, we have gathered up 35+ New Short Haircuts to Try This Summer and hair trends for you to get inspired!

Short hairstyles aren’t just for older women and manic pixie dream girls. Any women can rock short hairstyles with the right cut. It’s all about finding the right short haircut for your face shape and hair texture. The most important thing to pay attention is your face shape. For instance, women with hearth shaped face can go with graduated bob or chin length bob with side swept bangs. Long faces look great with blunt bobs and layered short curly hairstyles. If you have curly hair asymmetrical or inverted short hairstyles would be great options for you. Women with thin and fine hair can add volume by adding some layers to their short hairstyle.

Now let’s take a look at these gorgeous trendy short hairstyles. You can look really pretty and fresh with these new hairstyles for short hair. Check them out and get inspired!

1. Short Wavy Hair Style 2016

Here is Jessica Alba’s short bob hairstyle with ombre hair color technique.

2. Straight Hair Style for Short Hair

This angled bob hairstyle looks really nice on blonde hair color and straight hair.

Hair Styles for Short Hair

3. Short Cropped Haircut Style

Look at this back view of short cropped hairstyle, her messy style and hair color make this look stylish.

Short Haircut Styles

4. Casual Style for Short Hair

She looks really cute with her highlighted bob hairstyle, this look is definition of hair trend of this year!

Styles for Short Hair

5. Trendy Style Short Straight Hair

Here is a dark bob hairstyle that may looks great on both straight and wavy hair.

Style Short Hair

6. Ombre Bob

Here is a long bob hairstyle with a gorgeous ombre hair color, looks really chic.

Short Haircut Styles-6

7. Angled Bob

Here is another ombre hair color with an angled bob hairstyle, this style would look great on wavy hair like this one below:

Short Haircut Styles-7

8. Blonde Short Hair

This short pixie is a timeless version of classy pixie styles.

Short Haircut Styles-8

9. Bob with Bangs

Her hair looks naturally gorgeous with this bob hairstyle with side swept bangs.

Short Haircut Styles-9

10. Short Hair

Here is a short hair transformation we think she looks much more younger and stylish with this short haircut.

Short Haircut Styles-10

11. Bob and Bangs

This vintage style now is in trends, bangs and bobs are great together.

Short Haircut Styles-11

12. Dakota Johnson’s Bob

Dakota cut her hair to bob but she wears her bangs and looks really lovely  in this shot.

Short Haircut Styles-12

13. Dark Bob Hair

This bob hairstyle is simple yet would be great with dark think hair textures.

Short Haircut Styles-13

14. Pixie Style

Her shiny hair color and messy long pixie style make a great statement of her whole style.

Short Haircut Styles-14

15. Pink Shaved Pixie

Here is a unique and daring hairstyle for women who like to be rebellious.

Short Haircut Styles-15

16. Black Pixie Style

We love this pixie style, her bangs are nicely frames her face and this may be “the one” that you we looking for.

Short Haircut Styles-16

17. Dark Hair Pixie

Here is another dark pixie haircut option for black ladies.

Short Haircut Styles-17

18. Blonde Pixie Cut

This blonde pixie cut is classy yet would be a easy to style hairstyle for mature women.

Short Haircut Styles-18

19. Long Bob

This long bob hairstyle with highlight that styled into loose waves may be all you ever want!

Short Haircut Styles-19

20. Trendy Bob

Another bob hairstyle with blonde balayage, this stylish look is a essential part of a street fashion.

Short Haircut Styles-20

21. Ruby Rose Style

Her unique style is finished with her side shaved pixie style and looks fascinating.

Short Haircut Styles-21

22. Edgy Pixie

This masculine pixie style pared with glasses and leather jacket is just eye-catching.

Short Haircut Styles-22

23. Angled Bob Hair

Short Haircut Styles-23

24. Stacked Bob

Short Haircut Styles-24

25. Brown Bob Hair

Here is a short bob hairstyle for brown hair, as you can see the back view this is lightly layered bob style.

Short Haircut Styles-25

26. Cute Bob

Here is another back view of green bob hairstyle with dark roots, also flowers looks really cute with this bob hair.

Short Haircut Styles-26

27. Pixie and Bangs

Short Haircut Styles-27

28. Chic Bob

This bohemian girl sports a blonde blunt bob hairstyle beautifully.

Short Haircut Styles-28

29. Gray Pixie

Short Haircut Styles-29

30. Red Curly Pixie

Short Haircut Styles-30

31. Side Parted Bob

This girl has dark thick hair texture and choose a deep side parted bob hairstyle.

Short Haircut Styles-31

32. Fancy Bob Hair

Her layered bob hairstyle is effortlessly good for any occasions.

Short Haircut Styles-32

33. Stacked Back

Wanna see the back of stacked hairstyle? Here is a back view of a stacked short bob hair.

Short Haircut Styles-33

34. Red Bob Hair

Dark red hair color is a choice for darker skin toned ladies and this girl looks chic with her red bob hair.

Short Haircut Styles-34

35. Edgy Pixie Style

Here is a edgy multiple colored pixie style for a drastic change.

Short Haircut Styles-35

36. Cute Layered Bob

This Parisian girl glows with her cute layered bob hairstyle.

Short Haircut Styles-36

37. Long Bob Hairstyle

Long bob is a really nice choice for you if you don’t want to go all short but want a bob hair.

Short Haircut Styles-37

38. Tapered Pixie

Tapered hairstyles are in trends lately and this blonde pixie is a great way to prevent hot summer heat.

Short Haircut Styles-38