35+ Fantastic Short Hairstyles with Stylish Bangs



Bangs and short hairstyles can make a great couple! In this post you will find images of 35+ Fantastic Short Hairstyles with Stylish Bangs that you will totally in love!

Short hairstyles are very versatile and extremely in trends lately. If you think bangs are generally for girls with long hair, you are wrong! A good set of bangs is the easiest way to change things up on any hair length, whether you’re owner of a pixie cut or other trendy short hairstyles. The best thing about bangs is that they will always make you look beautiful. Bangs will give statement and sophisticated look to your whole appearance. Long bangs that highlighted by the colors take a classic pixie hair cut from demure to cool and stylish.

Choose a full fringe or side-swept bangs… Here are the examples of gorgeous short hairstyles with bangs, try one of these hairstyles to look stylish and chic. Take your short hairstyle to the next level with these statement making bangs styles. Check them out and get inspired!

1. Short Haircut with Bangs

She looks really nice with her brown bob hairstyle, her natural beauty shines trough her wispy bangs.

Short Haircuts with Bangs

2. Short Hair with Bangs

This vintage bob hairstyle with bangs is still in fashion and looks elegant.

Short Haircut with Bangs

3. Short Hair Style with Bangs

We love this cute Asian short hairstyle with side swept bangs!

Short Hair with Bangs

4. Trendy Short Hair Cuts with Bangs

Here is an example of how to look stylish with uneven bangs.

Short Hair Cuts with Bangs

5. Hairstyle for Short Hair with Bangs

Her layered short hairstyle may look dull without bangs and her blonde bangs flatters her face nicely.

Hairstyles for Short Hair with Bangs

6. Angled Bob

Short Hair with Bangs-6

7. Redhead Bangs

She looks really adorable with her Irish red hair and her bangs nicely flatter her eyes.

Short Hair with Bangs-7

8. Bob with Bangs

She looks confident, relaxed and stylish with her short hair with messy bangs.

Short Hair with Bangs-8

9. Spiky Hair

Here is a edgy hairstyle option with a spiky bangs:

Short Hair with Bangs-9

10. Bob Hair and Bangs

This model’s wavy bob hairstyle looks really sophisticated with bangs.

Short Hair with Bangs-10

11. Layered Bob

This layered short hairstyle would be great for women who don’t like long bangs.

Short Hair with Bangs-11

12. Layered Short Hair

Short Hair with Bangs-12

13. Blonde Bangs

This side swept bangs add a edgy look to her angled bob hairstyle.

Short Hair with Bangs-13

14. Long Bob with Bangs

If you have long face, this long bob with long bangs is definitely perfect for you!

Short Hair with Bangs-14

15. Dark Bob and Bangs

Dark hair color and bangs make color of your eyes pop gorgeously.

Short Hair with Bangs-15

16. Blonde Short Bob

Here is a blonde short hair with bangs for mature women.

Short Hair with Bangs-16

17. Long Bob and Full Bangs

This hairsytle is effortlessly cool and cute, her bangs make a pretty statement of her face.

Short Hair with Bangs-17

18. Dark Bob

Here is another dark bob hair with bangs for gothic style lovers!

Short Hair with Bangs-18

19. Bangs with Long Bob

This full bangs and long bob hairstyle looks really stylish and sophisticated.

Short Hair with Bangs-19

20. Pixie with Bangs

How can i have short bangs with a pixie cut? Here is the answer:

Short Hair with Bangs-20

21. Bob and Long Bangs

This brond bob hair with long bangs is daring yet looks really nice and cute.

Short Hair with Bangs-21

22. Messy Short Hair

Messy hairstyle are extremely in trends so you can add bangs to your hairstyle to create a nicer look.

Short Hair with Bangs-22

23. Short Bangs

Gothic women likes blunt bangs and dark hair as you ca see in this pic.

Short Hair with Bangs-23

24. Short Bob with Bangs

Her chopper red hair and fair skin is finished with side swept bangs.

Short Hair with Bangs-24

25. Pixie and Bangs

Here is another pixie style idea with bangs that will look great on you!

Short Hair with Bangs-25

26. Wavy Bob

You can have bangs even if you have wavy hair, this way it will give you a smart and sophisticated look.

Short Hair with Bangs-26

27. Straight Bob

She looks feminine, sexy, sassy and chic… This hairstyle is great for women with straight thick hair.

Short Hair with Bangs-27

28. Short Bangs

Short bangs may be intimidating for some, but you may look really cute with short bangs like this model.

Short Hair with Bangs-28

29. Long Bangs and Bob

You can create this messy bob hairstyle with bangs, if you have thick and wavy hair texture.

Short Hair with Bangs-29

30. Bangs Hairstyle

Long bangs and layered bob hairstyle can be that cute on you? Yes it can!

Short Hair with Bangs-30

31. Bangs

Short Hair with Bangs-31

32. Cute Short Hair

This is actually an iconic hairstyle that we have known from movies like Leon or Amelie. This short bob hair with bangs is cute and gorgeously distinct.

Short Hair with Bangs-32

33. Chic Bob

Here is a modern version of the previous short bob with bangs.

Short Hair with Bangs-33

34. Angled Bob with Bangs

You can have bangs with angled bob hairstyle and it will look great on every hair texture.

Short Hair with Bangs-34

35. Bronde Bob

Bronde (blonde and brown) bob hair color is one of the most trendy hair color of this season and you can complete your look with bob hair and full bangs.

Short Hair with Bangs-35

36. Blonde Hair

This one is for business women and mature ladies: layered blonde bob hair with side swept bangs.

Short Hair with Bangs-36