Must-See 35 New Blonde Ombre Colored Short Hair



Ombre hair colors looks really trending and popular nowadays. All stylish ladies want to try once in a life time these short hair colors. If you love nice short hairstyles, and want to different color examples, you are in the right place! These Must-See 35 New Blonde Ombre Short Hair pictures will help you for new and most attractive blonde short hair ideas, just check them out and make a decision easily. Especially, if you have bob cut style with any length -long, medium or short, this is doesn’t matter- you can use this style with soft waves, they will look really attractive and chic.

1. Chic Blonde Ombre for Short Hairstyle

Here is a platinum blonde ombre color for messy bob hairstyle.

Blonde Ombre for Short Hair

2. Highlighted Blonde Ombre Short Hair Idea

This layered bob hairstyle is both highlighted and carried out ombre color technique.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair

3. Straight Ombre Blonde Short Hair

This girl’s base hair color is already dark blonde and this baby blonde ombre color looks really natural on her.

Short Ombre Blonde Hair

4. Ombre Short Blonde Wavy Hair Style

With short bob and a blonde ombre, you will achieve this chic look.

Ombre Short Blonde Hair

5. Blonde Ombre Color on Short Haircut

Here is another messy bob hair style with blonde ombre color.

Blonde Ombre On Short Hair

6. Platinum Ombre

If you have darker skin tone and hair color this platinum blonde ombre color would look good on you.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-6

7. Natural Ombre

This layered bob hairstyle looks really natural and chic with ombre.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-7

8. Ombre Color

It is really clear that this ombre technique is significant example of ombre.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-8

9. Blonde Ombre Color

Her blonde ombre color looks really natural with her long bob hairstyle.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-9

10. Ombre Bob

Here is a slick straight layered bob hairstyle and a great example of hair color transition.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-10

11. Brond Ombre

This beachy waves and ombre bob hair is one the biggest hair trend of this year!

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-11

12. Long Bob Ombre

Here is a slightly inverted long bob hairstyle that is applied blonde ombre hair color.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-12

13. Honey Blonde

This honey blonde ombre color will look great on you if you have light to medium skin tone.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-13

14. Light Ombre

This layered bob ombre color looks really nice and pretty, and looks really natural.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-14

15. Ombre Bob Hairstyle

The Hills star Lauren Conrad sports bob hairstyle with ombre color technique and looks really lovely.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-15

16. Inverted Bob

Ombre color can be applied to inverted bob hair styles and layered hairstyle beautifully.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-16

17. Bob Hair Color

This ashy blonde ombre color is a great match for women with medium to dark skin tone.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-17

18. Wavy Bob

Here is a layered wavy bob hairstyle that looks great with ombre.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-18

19. Ombre Bob with Bangs

You can have blonde ombre color at the ends with dark hair color and bangs.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-19

20. Color Technique

This multiple colored ombre technique can be achieved by a experienced hair colorist.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-20

21. Ombre Long Bob

This long bob hair with blonde ombre and bangs is great for casual looks.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-21

22. Ombre Pixie

You can also have an ombre hair with a pixie hairstyle like this one below.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-22

23. Ombre Bob Style

Here is a well groomed bob hairstyle with a lovely ombre color.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-23

24. Wavy Ombre

This inverted bob hairstyle that is styled into waves is great for every occasions

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-24

25. Angled Ombre

Here is a angled bob hairstyle with dark roots and platinum ombre color.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-25

26. Balayage Ombre

With this balayage ombre you can spice up your whole look.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-26

27. Nice Ombre

This ombre color

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-27

28. Rose Ombre

Here is a rose blonde ombre color, this hair color will be very trendy this season!

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-28

29.  Cute Bob

This cute and natural looking long bob is effortless yet really nice option for special ocasions.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-29

30. Pink Ombre

Look at this dark long bob with pinkish blonde ombre color, it is really chic and eye catching.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-30

31. Curly Ombre

You can sport this curly bob hairstyle with light ombre color for special event for instance weddings by adding accessories.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-31

32. Messy Ombre

Here is a wind swept bangs and messy ombre bob hairstyle for shabby chics.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-32

33. Ombre for Bob

This is a blonde  balayage and ombre color for bob hairstyles.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-33

34. Bob and Blonde Hair

Her layered bob hairstyle with blonde ombre looks really stylish.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-34

35. Bob Style Ombre

This models middle parted bob hairstyle with ombre hair color simply looks pretty.

Blonde Ombre Short Hair-35