30+ Well-Favored Short Haircuts 2015 – 2016



Short hairstyle is everywhere and extremely in trends! If you want to look stylish and chic, we have gathered up hottest 30+ Well-Favored Short Haircuts 2015 – 2016 and hair trends of this season!

There is something so appealing about women with short hair styles. It is the confidence! You don’t have to rely on the femininity that long hair styles provides to feel like a hot woman. Short haircut is a perfect hairstyle that you can rock whether you have dark, blonde, brunette or rainbow hair. It frames and highlight your face make your cheek bones pop. You can use some blonde highlights to add much freshness and charm to the whole look. Loose waves doesn’t have to refer to long hair, women with short hairstyles can rock loose messy waves too! For more sophisticated and lovely look you can add bangs to your short hairstyle and we are definitely sure it will make a huge difference.

There are lots of variations of short haircuts from shaggy or layered hairstyles to side-swiped bob or pixie cut check our gallery and choose one of these super short hairstyles to complete your style in 2016!

1. Short Haircut 2015

Her ombre bob hairstyle looks so young and chic that can be inspiring for you!

Short Haircuts 2015

2. Haircut Short 2016

This pixie cut hairstyle make her look innocent and chic.

Haircuts Short 2016

3. Haircut 2016 Short

Michelle Williams looks great with her blonde blunt bob hairstyle with middle parted bangs.

Haircuts 2016 Short

4. Short 2015 Haircut

Here is another trendy look of this season: highlighted blonde hair color with short bob hairstyle.

Short 2015 Haircuts

5. 2016 Short Hair Cut

Taylor Swift make areal statement of her eyes with her long bangs and bob haircut.

2016 Short Haircut

6. Platinum Blonde Bob

This platinum bunt bob hairstyle looks really chic and trendy.

Short Haircuts 2015-6

7. Edgy Pixie

To create this edgy pixie style use some hair spray and emphasize your layers.

Short Haircuts 2015-7

8. Asymmetrical Bob

Look how stylish is this asymmetrical bob hair with platinum ombre hair color.

Short Haircuts 2015-8

9. Half Updo

Here is a cute option to style your short bob haircut.

Short Haircuts 2015-9

10. Choppy Bob Hair

Choppy hairstyles looks great with beach waves as you can see.

Short Haircuts 2015-10

11. Stylish Pixie

Her side parted pixie cut looks so stylish that can be worn for different occasions.

Short Haircuts 2015-11

12. Blonde Pixie

This pixie blonde hair with bangs beautifully frames her face and eyes.

Short Haircuts 2015-12

13. Ombre Bob

This ombre bob hairstyle is one of the biggest hair trend of this year and can be inspiring for many ladies.

Short Haircuts 2015-13

14. Side Parted Pixie

Her dark pixie perfectly frames her gorgeous eyes and side parted style is great option for face shape.

Short Haircuts 2015-14

15. Pixie Hairstyle

This ombre pixie cut is great for black women who want to go with short hair.

Short Haircuts 2015-15

16. Cute Bob Hair

She looks really cute and fresh with her adorable ombre bob hairstyle.

Short Haircuts 2015-16

17. Blonde Bob Hairstyle

This messy blonde bob hairstyle is great for working women and young ladies too!

Short Haircuts 2015-17

18. Dark Short Bob

Dark colored bob hairstyle makes statement of her beautiful green eyes.

Short Haircuts 2015-18

19. Very Short Bob

Her hair color and her short bob style looks really chic and gorgeous.

Short Haircuts 2015-19

20. Kristens’s Bob Hair

Messy bob hairstyle completes her whole rebellious look.

Short Haircuts 2015-20

21. Neat Pixie Cut

This neat pixie cut hairstyle is Michelle Williams’s one of the most popular hairstyle.

Short Haircuts 2015-21

22. Trendy Long Bob

Since long bob hair is popular, super models and singer sport long bob too!

Short Haircuts 2015-22

23. Cute Bob

Look at her cute bob hairstyle, she completes her look with her cute outfit and sunglasses.

Short Haircuts 2015-23

24. Angled Short Bob

This angled bob hairstyle looks really chic and modern that can be worn for every occasions.

Short Haircuts 2015-24

25. Layered Short Bob

Here is a heavy layered short hairstyle that would be great option for women with thin hair texture.

Short Haircuts 2015-25

26. Pixie with Bangs

This pixie hairstyle with bangs looks great with her straight thick hair.

Short Haircuts 2015-26

27. Red Bob Hair

Bob hairstyles can be really versatile that worn with different hair colors like this one.

Short Haircuts 2015-27

28. Pixie Style


Short Haircuts 2015-28

29. Chopper Bob

Emma Stones’s side parted bob hairstyle and her chopper hair color looks great with her facial features and color of her eyes.

Short Haircuts 2015-29

30. Long Bob Style

Here is one of the trendiest look of this season: long bob hair with color transitions.

Short Haircuts 2015-30

31. Pixie Cut with Fringes

This black pixie hair style with fringes can be a great option for women with thick or wavy hair.

Short Haircuts 2015-31