30+ Super Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women



In this post, we prepared for you 30+ Super Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women gallery. Short haircut for men is a classic, go-to cut and right now, short crops are a huge trend for ladies, too. Super short hairstyles are also getting popular among western women as well as fashionable women living in different countries. There are a lot of great things that come with a short haircut, things like reduced styling time and a lot of super interesting possibilities when it comes to choosing a new hairstyle. Short hairstyles are a constant source of inspiration and empowerment. Today, many varieties of the classic short hairstyles (pixie, bobs, and more) are coming back with a vengeance and even shorter than ever. We have a whole lot of inspiration for you right here!

1. Womens Short Hair Cut

Short haircuts for thick hair look great when locks are straightened. Opting for a sleek blowout when you style makes sure that any natural height and volume gets counterbalanced.
Womens Short Hair Cuts

2. Chic Women Short Hair Cut

If you are rocking blonde short shaggy hair with an olive complexion, it is best to darken your roots or leave them your natural dark hue to keep the cool color from clashing with the warm tones in your skin.
Women Short Hair Cuts

3. Short Hair Cut Style for Women

The layers are shorter in the back and on the sides for a fun, flirty cut.
Short Hair Cut Styles for Women

4. Short Hair Cut for Fat Women

With short hairstyles, it’s best to have generous layering that molds the shape of your style. The front pieces that are a little longer than those around the ears keep it edgy.
Short Hair Cuts for Fat Women

5. Best Short Cut Hair for Women

With short thick hair, you don’t have to limit yourself. You just have to be certain you’re in good hands.
Short Cut Hair for Women

6. Short Layered Hair Style

Layers are key for short to medium styles.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-6

7. Lovely Ombre Locks

Ombre is an easy way to incorporate a blonde hue into brown hair without fully committing. It’s a quick fail-proof color option for women who are looking for a change, but are low on the time it takes for maintenance.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-7

8. Pretty and Sleek

This straight hairstyle is perfection. Very wearable and flattering, the cut is striking the right balance between flat and voluminous.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-8

9. Boyish Short Pixie Cut

The simplicity of the styling makes it youthful.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-9

10. Asymmetrical Haircut for Thick Hair

The deep side part and asymmetry of this cut make for a modern look that is very flattering and suitable for thick or fine hair. You can show off your features while still having a little bit of hair to play around with.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-10

11. Pixie Haircut with Bangs

With this fabulous pixie, you can sport some chic long, side-swept bangs that are guaranteed to soften your look.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-11

12. Perfect Layered Bob

For women with thick hair, short layered haircuts are not out of reach. If you prefer shorter ‘dos, you can get a cute layered bob with a length at the nape for a low-maintenance hairstyle.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-12

13. Best Cut for Thick Hair

This popular a-line style is known for being great on thin hair, and hard to pull off with thick hair. But when layered right, it looks just as great on thicker hair.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-13

14. Shortest Dark Bob

Ask your stylist for a bob that is subtly longer in the front with barely there layers.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-14

15. Bob with Subtle Highlights

The short length of this hairstyle does not mean that trendy coloring is out of the question. To keep it sophisticated, colors just can’t go too light, but instead just a couple shades lighter than the rest of the hair. This sweet style is very youthful.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-15

16. Cropped Bob With Jagged Edges

The easiest way to compensate the roundness of your face is to create the added volume on top. Emily Browning’s cropped bob is a cute short hairstyle that looks fresh and unhackneyed thanks to its razored edges, beautiful two-tone brown hair color and the flattering stylish effect of short tousled locks.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-16

17. Layered Short Hair Crop

Short cuts are the most fun way to freshen up your look. Suddenly, you’re weightless! A leather jacket looks way less serious when paired with a cute wavy style.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-17

18. Short Curly Pixie

Short haircuts for thick hair do not have to be straight. If you have hair with a naturally curly texture, you can still pull off a short cut.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-18

19. Short Hairstyle for Round Face

A shag cut is a technique that uses various choppy layers to create fullness in the crown, and thin fringe around the edges to frame the face.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-19

20. Adorable Pixie Cut

The subtle asymmetry of this cut adds some mystery, but it’s still easy to pull off. Blow dry the longer hair forward with a round brush.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-20

21. Cropped Shag Hairstyle

Short-to-medium form is perfect with waves and caramel tones.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-21

22.  Long Blonde Pixie Haircut

Pixies are among the best short styles for girls with thick locks. At longer lengths, thick tresses can be heavy, or get puffy in all the wrong places. Once you decide on a short haircut for thick hair such as a long pixie, you’ll see the differences immediately.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-22

23. Short Shaggy Haircut

This is one of those short shaggy haircuts that are fit for a rock star. You don’t need crazy colors or jazzy designs to set yourself apart from the pack.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-23

24.  Shaggy Asymmetric Pixie

This ash brown asymmetric pixie with a shortened above-the-ear section on one side instantly draws attention. The bangs are swept to one side to accentuate the chic asymmetry of the style.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-24

25. Classy Two-Tone Short Bob

This classic cut is a dream that has come true for “difficult” tresses. Once you get a short haircut, you are going to deal with the process of upkeep rather than styling. As long as you keep up with your cuts to maintain the short length, your chic bob will do practically all the styling work for you!
Short Hair Cuts for Women-25

26. Blonde Tousled Bob

Straight bangs can be hard to blend with a short haircut, but it can be done with the help of a layered cut. The trick is to let the first layer fall on the same line as the bangs, which will tie them in with the other pieces in the haircut.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-26

27. Thick Hair Bob

Bob haircuts absolutely do work for women with thick hair. Curling hair into modern little twists lets the layering really shine. The front pieces frame the face nicely and will look so cute tucked behind the ears!
Short Hair Cuts for Women-27

28.Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

A crazy long bang pixie cut, bold red lip and a bad girl attitude is all you need.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-28

29. Pop Princess Pixie

This style is perfect for a teen queen that’s pursuing a career in pop music—it’s the best balance of cute and confident.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-29

30. Volumious Messy Bob

The natural texture proves that short hair can definitely be low maintenance. Just use a mouse before air drying.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-30

31. Recreating a Classic

It’s perfect for a woman who loves blonde romance with an everyday twist.
Short Hair Cuts for Women-31