30+ Super Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone



Looking for new unique hair color ideas for short hair? In this post we have chosen 30+ Super Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone that can inspire you! There are many short hairstyles in trends lately but if you want to get unique look you should change up your hair color. Use the latest hair color trends to show the beauty of your facial features and your layers. You may have a stylish look, if you apply the color to the edges of your upper or lower layers. Ombre technique is still in trends and there many different ombre hair colors from blue to blonde and honey. Light brown hair with lilac ombre hair color below look stunning and unique appearance to its wearer. To achieve unique style, can dye your hair with one of the different hair colors like blue, grey, purple, orange etc… Or add these pastel colors to your short hairstyle as highlight colors. Another trendy hair color is bronde, it means brown and blonde, it will give you fresh and stylish look. Now, ere are best short hair color ideas for you to get authentic and stylish look and short hairstyles.

1. Short Cut Hair Color

This bob hairstyle is a great example of a highlighted short hairstyles.

Short Hair Color

2. Short Colored Hair

Just look at her flawless pink hair and wavy bob hairstyle!

Short Colored Hair

3. Short Hair Color

You can also have green hair color balayage to create an unique look.

Short Hair Colors

4. Hair Color Idea for Short Hair

This pumpkin spice hair color would flatter green eyes beautifully.

Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

5. Hair Color for Short Hair

One of the most popular hair trend of this year is gray hair color.

Hair Colors for Short Hair

6. Orange Purple Hair

Here is a eye catching short hair color idea that can be great for young ladies.

Short Hair Color-6

7. Balayage Bob

She looks really confident and chic with her bob hairstyle and balayage hair color.

Short Hair Color-7

8. Hair Color Trend


Short Hair Color-8

9. Blonde Bob

Here is a stylish layered short bob hairstyle, her hair color looks so natural with under tones.

Short Hair Color-9

10. Updo

Here is a cute updo hairstyle idea for pastel lilac bob haircut.

Short Hair Color-10

11. Ombre Bob

Ombre hair trend is still in fashion and won’t go anywhere soon so this ombre bob may be inspirational for you!

Short Hair Color-11

12. Purple Ombre

This angled bob becomes much more vibrant with this pastel and purple hair color.

Short Hair Color-12

13. Blue Ombre Bob

Here is another pastel blue hair color with dark roots, this bob hair style looks astonishing.

Short Hair Color-13

14. Short Bob Hair Color

Short Hair Color-14

15. Stylish Ombre

This is cute and stylish way to have an ombre hair with blue hair color. Look how gorgeous she is!

Short Hair Color-15

16. Layered Bob

Here is a layered blonde bob hair color idea for business women.

Short Hair Color-16

17. Pink Pixie

This pink pixie cut looks great on this model, it looks edgy, vibrant and stylish.

Short Hair Color-17

18. Dark Pixie Hair

We haven’t forgot the ladies with dark curly hair! Here is a nice example of dark pixie cut for curly hair.

Short Hair Color-18

19. Green Bob Hair

This ombre bob hair color is perfect for ladies who is looking for a different hair color.

Short Hair Color-19

20. Vibrant Hair Color

If you choose these shades of green and blue hair color we are sure you will perfectly stand out of the crowd!  Short Hair Color-20

21. Purple Long Bob

This purple hair color and layered long bob hairstyle looks great with loose waves.

Short Hair Color-21

22. Rose Bob Hair

This rose-lilac pastel hair color looks so pretty on this wavy bob hairstyle.

Short Hair Color-22

23. Blue Roots

If you want to go with a drastic change this hair color idea below would be inspiring for you:

Short Hair Color-23

24. Vibrant Pink Hair

Here is a wavy bob hairstyle with a lively pink hair color.

Short Hair Color-24

25. Bob with Highlights

This bob hairstyle looks messy and voluminous and gray highlights add a stylish touch.

Short Hair Color-25

26. Cute Bob

Her straight bob hair with side swept bangs is completed with light brown hair color and she looks adorable.

Short Hair Color-26

27. Angled Bob

Here is a creative hair color idea for bob hairstyles, this colorful look is a nice way to spice up your style.

Short Hair Color-27

28. Rose Angled Bob

Rose hair color shades will be very popular and you can go with this gorgeous hair color too!

Short Hair Color-28

29. Hair Color Idea

As you can see in this model, hair color and a hairstyle can change up your whole look.

Short Hair Color-29

30. Short Hair Color Trend

You can see this bob hairstyle with beach waves everywhere but her highlighted bob hair is worthy for an attention.

Short Hair Color-30

31. Balayage Inverted Bob

This asymmetrical bob hairstyle looks great with caramel balayage hair color.

Short Hair Color-31