Best Spring Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair



Looking for perfect hair color for your short hair? So we have gathered Best Spring Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair that you will totally adore!

Short hairstyle is everywhere and extremely in trends! Short hair cuts are timeless; they can boost your confidence and make you feel more in control. If you want to look stylish and chic you should add another individual touch to your short haircut: hair color. Before choosing your hair color you should know if it is matching with your skin tone and color of your eyes. Ombre color technique is still in trends and there are lots of options with highlights too. Whether you’re ready to taste the rainbow hair colors or just want to spice up your natural color, there’s never been a better time to dye it. Let your true colors shine through, whether those colors are pastels, rose gold, sun-kissed highlights or gorgeous red.

In this post you will find best hair color ideas for short hair, choose one of the best hair color and try it any time soon! Check our gallery for more inspirational ideas!

1. Short Hair Color Idea

Here is a blonde pixie cut that looks really great with her skin tone.

Short Hair Color Ideas

2. Short Hair Colour

This dark hair color with gray highlights looks really stylish and chic.

Short Hair Colours

3. Colored Short Hairstyle

You can also add different hair colors as a balayage to create a cute and unique look.

Colored Short Hair

4. Short Hair Color 2015

Caramel highlights on this bob hairstyle add a modern and chic to whole appearance.

Short Hair Color 2016

5. Hair Color Short Hair

One of the biggest hair color trend of this year is gray hair color.

Hair Color Short Hair

6. Balayage Hair Color

You don’t have to use regular hair colors as a balayage hair color here is a purple balayage hair color.

Short Hair Color Ideas-6

7. Pixie Color

This pixie hair color looks really stylish because color of the bangs add a modern touch to her look.

Short Hair Color Ideas-7

8. Blonde Pixie

Cropped in the back and long side swept fringes, this hairstyle may be the one that you’re looking for.

Short Hair Color Ideas-8

9. Ombre Short Hair

You can use ombre hair color technique with short hair as you can see below.

Short Hair Color Ideas-9

10. Green Hair Color

With this vibrant hair color and, shaved sides people won’t be able to take eyes of you.

Short Hair Color Ideas-10

11. Blonde Bob Hair

This chic and cute hair color and hairstyle look great together.

Short Hair Color Ideas-11

12. Short Hair Color Idea

How about little bit touch of blonde highlights on your frontal tresses.

Short Hair Color Ideas-12

13. Shade of Blonde Hair

This shade of blonde looks really appealing and great for women with pale skin tone.

Short Hair Color Ideas-13

14. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair with layered short bob hairstyle looks so modern and chic.

Short Hair Color Ideas-14

15. Bob with Balayage

This bob style and hair color is another hair color option for ladies with short hairstyle.

Short Hair Color Ideas-15

16. Gray Pixie Cut

Look how fashion forward she is! Her grey pixie cut is really eye catching.

Short Hair Color Ideas-16

17. Red Bob Hairstyle

This vibrant red hair color with inverted bob hairstyle looks really gorgeous with her fare skin tone.

Short Hair Color Ideas-17

18. Green Hair Color

Here is a cute green hair color on short wavy hairstyle.

Short Hair Color Ideas-18

19. Elegant Blonde Hair

This look is so modern and chic that can be worn for special occasions, work or everyday.

Short Hair Color Ideas-19

20. Brunette with Highlights

This brunette lady wear her bob hair with highligths in a good way.

Short Hair Color Ideas-20

21. Pink Bob Style

She looks effortlessly chic with her messy pink bob hairstyle.

Short Hair Color Ideas-21

22. Different Hair Color

If you’re get bored with your same hair color different hair color highlights would be great option.

Short Hair Color Ideas-22

23. Pastel Green Color

Patel hair colors are very popular among young ladies.

Short Hair Color Ideas-23

24. Pastel Hair Color Trend

You can dye your hair with multiple pastel hair colors to achieve this look below.

Short Hair Color Ideas-24

25. Caramel Blonde Hair

Caramel blonde hair color looks great on medium to dark skin tones.

Short Hair Color Ideas-25

26. Wavy Bob

This wavy blue long bob hair looks just right for with her style.

Short Hair Color Ideas-26

27. Pink and Blonde Hair

Blonde hair looks great with pinkish transitional as you can see in this picture.

Short Hair Color Ideas-27

28. Lilac Hair Color

This side shaved pixie cut with pastel lilac hair color looks really vibrant and trendy in so many levels.

Short Hair Color Ideas-28

29. Blonde Balayage Color

Blonde is one of the best hair color as a balagayage color, this is a great way to add in some shine to your hairstyle.

Short Hair Color Ideas-29

30. Ombre Hair Trend

Ombre hair trend is still a big color trend, her dark roots and ombre color looks so natural and fresh.

Short Hair Color Ideas-30

31. Ombre Short Hair

You can have ombre hair even if you have pixie haircut just like this lady!

Short Hair Color Ideas-31

32. Green Ombre Color

How about green ombre hair color for more unique look?

Short Hair Color Ideas-32

33. Stylish Highlights

This short bob hair with barely there highlights looks sooo chic and gorgeous.

Short Hair Color Ideas-33