Hottest Short Hairstyles for 2015 – 2016



Are looking for new haircuts for you short hair? Here we have gathered Hottest Short Hairstyles for 2015 – 2016 for you to get inspired this season!

Super short hairstyles are also getting popular among western women as well as stylish looking women from different countries. Short haircut has become extremely popular among women for all ages. Many varieties of the classic short hairstyles (especially pixie cut and bobs) are coming back even shorter than ever.  There are a lot of great things that come with a short haircut, like shorter styling time and lots of interesting possibilities when it comes to choosing a new hairstyle. Pixie hairstyles look chic, fresh and stylish,for adding some softness to your new pixie hairstyle, we suggest adding in a natural hair color. Or you can go with pastel color for more unique look. Short haircuts shows of facial features that are normally covered with long hair and highlight cheek bones.

Ready for an exciting new galley of gorgeous short hairstyle trends for this year? Check out these latest womens short hairstyles 2016 we’ve chosen for you to get inspired!

1. Best Short Hair 2015

Blonde colored straight bob hairstyle especially for girls

Short Hair 2015

2. 2016 Trend Short Hair

Bright green bob hair style with blunt bangs

2016 Short Hair

3. Nice Short Hair for 2015

Shaggy bangs short bob cuts, looks really fashionable.

Short Hair for 2015

4. Trending Short Hair for 2016

Wavy bob hairstyles greata for blonde hair lovers.

Short Hair for 2016

5. Best Short Hair 2016

Thin short hair looks really adorable and beautiful.

Short Hair 2016

6. Red Pixie

Layered pixie cut with red hair color, for older ladies.

Super Short Hair 2015-6

7. Classy Bob

Simple bob cut for business ladies. This casual bob cut looks really nice and comfy.

Super Short Hair 2015-7

8. Side Swept Bob

Chic short bob with asymmetrical style cut. A little messy hair looks gorgeous.

Super Short Hair 2015-8

9. Side Braid

This short-medium modern haircut looks really lovely with side braid.

Super Short Hair 2015-9

10. Bright Blonde

Blonde hair color always number one for ladies, and you can use this color on your short bob cut.

Super Short Hair 2015-10

11. Pixie Bob

Layered style cut stylish pixie-bob hair looks really trending these days.

Super Short Hair 2015-11

12. Wavy Hair

Thick wavy short hairstyles are so popular and there are too many ways for giving a style bob cuts.

Super Short Hair 2015-12

13. Ombre Lovers

This soft ombre colors looks marvelous on short bob hairdos.

Super Short Hair 2015-13

14. Lovely Pixie Cut

Hey girls! This adorable short pixie cut with honey blonde hair color looks cutest short hair ever, and this lovely headband.

Super Short Hair 2015-14

15. Long Bob

Long asymmetrical dark bob hairstyle looks really classy and mysterious.

Super Short Hair 2015-15

16. Long Top Pixie

Stylish ladies can preffere this short side long toop boyish haircut.

Super Short Hair 2015-16

17. Thick Wavy

Bob haircuts really useful for thick hair owners.

Super Short Hair 2015-17

18. Short Style

You can look awesome with short simple cut and blonde ombre hair color.

Super Short Hair 2015-18

19. Trending Bob

Every ladies should try once in a life time like this short and wavy bob cut.

Super Short Hair 2015-19

20. Levander Long Bob

This pastel colored lob hair style looks so stylish on 2016.

Super Short Hair 2015-20

21. Riri’s Bob

Rihanna was use this layered straight bob hairdo.

Super Short Hair 2015-21

22. Curly Pixie

If you have big curly hair type, you can try this short side long curly top gorgeous hairstyle.

Super Short Hair 2015-22

23. Simple Cut

You may don’t like different and unique look, maybe ordinary is not so ordinary these days because all ladies try different styles 🙂 you can use this simple bob cut:

Super Short Hair 2015-23

24. Side Bangs

Casual short haircut with nice blonde hair color, especially for moms.

Super Short Hair 2015-24

25. Simple Style

Straight hair style lovers, this simple cut looks great on you.

Super Short Hair 2015-25

26. Boyish Cut

This thick short hair looks so gorgeous for cool ladies.

Super Short Hair 2015-26

27. Spiky Pixie

Short spiky pixie cuts looks so different and stylish.

Super Short Hair 2015-27

28. Longer Bob

This summer hairstyle looks so fresh and lovely.

Super Short Hair 2015-28

29. Bob Bun

Half bun hairstyles really trending especially for tumblr girls.

Super Short Hair 2015-29

30. Thick Pixie

Dark hair thick and simple pixie cut looks so comfortable for ladies.

Super Short Hair 2015-30

31. Simple Bob

Side swept simple bob cut looks so nice.

Super Short Hair 2015-31

32. Shaved Sides

Pixie cut with side shaved style, this haircut really trending in 2016.

Super Short Hair 2015-32