30+ Super Cute Short Hairstyles for Chic Girls



The most favorite short haircut among the teenage groups is pixie cut. It offers a lovely, funky look. Pixies are easy and gives a feminine shine. The shortest cut may look a little bit boyish but a pixie cut is yet girly. Just ask your stylist to come with a few layers to the cut and end it barely beneath the nape of your neck. That layered short hair cut is one of girl’s hairstyle trends that could turn you into a superstar. Layered cut provides the illusion of voluminous hair even when you have satisfactory hair. Layered cut frames you correctly and enables the highlighting on your face.

Short haircuts are highly popular this summer. Plus, you have practical advantages like reduced styling time and lots of super interesting inspiring styles.

1. Cute Short Hair Cut Girls

This naturally styled cute cut will make you feel comfortable.

Cute Short Hair Girls

2. Cute Girl Short Hair Style

With a little magical touch, you can be ready in a moment for either a prom or a walk in the city.

Cute Girl Short Hair

3. Cute Short Girl Hairstyle

This kind of sexy cut is especially suitable if you have a little face and it will point your shiny eyes.

Cute Short Girl Hairstyles

4. Cute Girl Hairstyle Short Hair

That -not that short- model provides you a happy-lady-like look.

Cute Girl Hairstyles Short Hair

5. Cute Girl Haircut For Short Hair

If you are one of the adventurous type, this style is for you. Comfortable, naughty and free. Never gets old.

Cute Girl Haircuts For Short Hair

6. Feminine and Effortless

This clean and smooth cut has the effortless feminine touch we all love.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-6

7. Cute Shiny Cut

You have a very straight hair and don’t know how to style it? Here is a shiny option.


Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-7

8. Messy and Sexy

This messy cut is always the right one for looking sexy. And the good news; you can use it both night and day.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-8

9. The shorter the better

If you want to point your beautiful details, this shorter hair cut is the best choice. Effortlessly sexy.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-9

10. One-For-All Easy Cut

Just tell your stylist to cut the back in layers. You will look feminine while working out or in a fancy dinner. One cut to rule them all.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-10

11. Girly Short Hait Cut

This hair cut is epically successful if your hair is naturally volumed.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-11

12. Modern Day Fairy Hair Cut

Longer the front, shorter the back. This one is for the tough girls.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-12

13. Cute Short Fashionable Hair Cut

This adorable side swept short haircut with candy pink color looks great for emo style lovers.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-13

14. Masculine and Easy Short Hair Cut

Don’t wanna look like a little princess but still wanna feel trendy? Here it is. Easy and stylish.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-14

15. Free Style Short Hair Cut

Just the best for the very hot summer days. Feel free and beautiful anywhere.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-15

16. Naughty Waves Short Hair Cut

Your waves were never this alive. Ask your stylist to cut your hair just over the neck. And let the waves dance.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-16

17. Funky Happy Hair Cut

This hair cut is one of the most popular styles this summer. The shortest cut on the back and the funkiest shape on the front.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-17

18. Cute and Easy Hair Cut

You are a hard-working girl and never have hours to shape you hair? Try that one. You will look fancy without spending hours and lots of hair gel.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-18

19. Hot and Easy Short Hair Cut

This hair cut is easy to style and will make you look really hot anytime, anywhere.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-19

20. Little Boy Short Hair Cut

This just for the girls who would like to have both a little bit boyish and a cute princess.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-20

21. Middle Hair Cut with a Noble Look

Superior feminine look and a cute style in one hair cut.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-21

22. Shiny Short Hair Cut

Smart-looking, shiny and beautiful hair cut is ready for every age of us.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-22

23. Short & Elegant Hair Cut

This natural hair cut looks elegant and feminine at the same glance.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-23

24. Light & Cool Hair Cut

Definately the best for summer parties. Take the cool look.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-24

25. Elegance in a Short Way of Style

Just the simple way of elegance will shine on your hair.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-25

26. Happy and Innocent Short Hair Cut

This one is very practical with the help of fringes. You will look happy and innocent.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-26

27. Make it Smart

Hard-working businesswomen, this one is for you. You will feel light and comfortable the whole day without sacrificing your beauty concerns.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-27

28. Cute and Super Cool

You can ask your stylist to leave your beautiful neck open and free. This model will give you a very cool look.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-28

29. Messy and Stylish Short Hair Cut

If you have that innocent little face, don’t hassitate to try this one. Absolutely stylish.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-29

30. Short Hair Cut for a Lovely Look

Natural, lovely and short enough to feel comfortable.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-30

31. Naughty Little Witch Cut

That hair cut will provide you the self-comfort you always needed.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-31

32. Shortest and the Prettiest Hair Cut

If you want to point to your pretty facial details, just go to your stylist and show this one.

Cute Short Haircuts For Girls-32