30+ Super Chic Bob Haircuts for Black Women



This post has 30+ Super Chic Bob Haircuts for Black Women that are easy to style and maintain making them probably the most fashionable hairstyles sought after in salons. A short bob hairstyle is always in trend and will never let you go out of style. It is a hairstyle that needs nothing more than a few minutes to style and is best suited for women of all ages. It is one of the most trendy haircuts that is versatile and never fails to radiate elegance and style. Short bob gives a possibility to easily customize your hairstyle while not having to concern yourself with maintenance, styling products,time and cash. It is an ideal short hairstyle for black women. There are various kinds of short bob hairstyles like asymmetrical, layered or choppy bobs.

Though this hairstyle is acceptable for every type of hair, short bob hairstyles for black women are very popular. Be it thick curly hair or thin straight one, this short bob haircut is an ideal option for women. You can easily take care of short haircuts because these hairstyles not one of them considerable time for styling. Just the basic hairstyling tools are all that you need for styling your short bob haircut.

1. Bob Haircut for Black Women

Perfect for hair with a medium to thick texture, this short cut is layered and angled for added body and bounce.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women

2. Black Women Bob Hairstyle

Try some chunky curls all over the head to infuse even more whimsy into this style.
Black Women Bob Hairstyles

3. Black Women Bob

Black bob hairstyles are amazing first of all thanks to the thickness of black hair. You can cut in layers and experiment with angles when you have such a gorgeous mane. The subtle brown highlights play nicely with the sun’s rays and add depth to the silky hair.
Black Women Bobs

4. Bob Cut for Black Women

Natural hair is certainly lovely, but it’s also very difficult to maintain and keep under control. Instead, consider relaxing your hair and cutting it into a medium bob.
Bobs for Black Women

5. Bob Hairstyle Black Women

Short hairstyles for black women welcome any and all types of bob cuts. This bob-meets-pixie cut is one of the quintessential styles for any woman looking to go big or go home when letting go of her tresses.
Bob Hairstyles Black Women

6.  Slick Black Bob

If you’ve been going through a tussle with your hair lately, this is for you. Do not walk, do not skip – Run. Run to your favorite hair salon and cop this style. Have him or her lay and slay your hair! Don’t forget to ask for that deep part.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-6

7. Poker Straight Side-Parted Bob

African American bob hairstyles will never be a bore or a snooze fest. It is virtually impossible!
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-7

8. Vintage Bob Hairdo

Reminiscent of the 1930s with pin-curled bangs, this black bob hairstyle is an inspired throwback that’ll look great for a special occasion or even everyday wear.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-8

9. Cropped Bob Hairstyle

Try a cropped bob when you want a short, hassle-free style that still looks good in all circumstances. Add in some streaks of color to brighten up the attitude this style so easily brings.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-9

10. Curly Black Bob

Cascading curls are a fantastic texture for a medium length hair cut. Not only do they add a touch of femininity to a shorter do, they are instantly eye catching.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-10

11. Jet Black Bob

The wonderful thing about an asymmetrical haircut is its versatile and dynamic look. On one side you get to sport medium length hair, while the other side showcases a shorter look.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-11

12. Long Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

A longer bob is flattering for all face shapes and is a great choice for those who are nervous about going too short.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-12

13. Mahogany Bob with Highlights

Burgundy and mahogany highlights are exceptional in black women hairstyles. The warmth of the hair color and the darker skin complement each other perfectly.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-13

14. Cropped Cut with Volume

There are a lot of fun options to choose from when it comes to selecting hairstyles for black women, and this cropped bob is one great example.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-14

15. Asymmetrical Bob Hairtyle

Bobs don’t have to go the traditional route – there’s a plenty of rebellious versions to try when you’re looking for an edgier look. This style features longer hair cut at an angle on one side with the underneath hair trimmed short.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-15

16. Graduated Bob Hairstyle

Besides the offered style, Jourdan can rock this bob sleek and glossy or in a “scrunched” way with shaggy ends.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-16

17. Classical Bob Hairstyle

Simple, fresh and elegant!
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-17

18.  Banging Bob Cut

Bangs and bobs go together like a horse and carriage. Moreover, adding an under layer of color is a no nonsense approach to exploring pigmented tresses in new and exciting ways. Peek-a-boo colorful strands are now very popular.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-18

19. Creamy Asymmetrical Bob

This is a very showy modern version of a bob haircut: one side reaches the chin point and the other touches your collarbone. Long bangs can be styled straight or curled and flipped impressively like here.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-19

20. Smooth Shoulder-Skimming Bob

This style is starting from this classy asymmetric version with layering through the front pieces.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-20

21. Blonde Bob for Black Women

Almost any dye on women of color is a welcome and celebrated upgrade. When it comes to blonde, it’s better to go for a warm palette with hues ranging from golden blonde to strawberry blonde and light caramel.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-21

22. Bob Hairstyle with Layers

When you’re looking to freshen up your style without doing anything too dramatic, try out a layered bob haircut for black women. This will accentuate your locks while also slimming your face and bringing a touch of drama to the everyday.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-22

23. Straight and Natural-Looking Bob

Tousled, wavy hair is absolutely fine when you’re out of either time or motivation. Short styles like this make anything flattering and low-stress.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-23

24. Side-Parted Curly Black Bob

Quite a number of styles can be achieved with medium length bob cuts. Curls are best for creating a texture, especially for black hair.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-24

25. Black Bob with Highlights

Balayage coloring is now everywhere. It is somewhat reminiscent of ombre; however, it is often more subtle and blends in seamlessly. Here, the hair features the prevalence of a warm brown hue with a black base peaking through to set off the brown.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-25

26. Bob Cut for Adorable Curls

The curly black bob offers the beautiful rounded shape on one hand and fantastic bouncy texture on the other.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-26

27. Straight Bob Hairstyle

If you’ve succeeded to achieve perfectly straight hair, this bob will look great on you. Using graduated length in the cut adds dimension to hair that is prone to flatness. You’ll still reap the rewards of easy-to-manage hair, along with enjoying a brand new style.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-27

28. Spunky Afro American Hairstyle

Whether as a weave bob or a real cut, this gorgeous sunny blonde bob with loads of layers deserves our attention as cut-and-color inspiration. Blonde with black at the roots is really a more flattering option for African American ladies than any solid blonde.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-28

29. Bob Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles for black females are a favorite theme of many celebrities, because they are fun, cute and noticeable, like this simple haircut where side bangs are featuring the longest hair length.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-29

30. Choppy Ombred Bob

Lovely wavies with blonde ombred hair. Cool!
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-30

31. Dark Blue Afro American Style

In recent years, bob hairstyles for black women have met color – and not the traditional African American hair shades, like warm browns, caramel and golden blonde.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-31

32. Steeply Angled Haircut

Bob haircuts can totally be no drama, as is shown with this style that’s cut short for easy maintenance and straightened without perfection.
Bob Haircuts for Black Women-32