Most Beloved 30 New Pixie Hairstyles



In the past, people always consider that long hair represents beauty and charm. But recently, more women are began to sport pixie hairstyles. So we have rounded up 30 New Pixie Hairstyles that will be inspiring for you!

There are many different pixie cuts, you can go with very short pixie cuts or pixie with long bangs… Pixie style is so vibrant daring yet so stylish and chic. You can look cute, feminine and trendy at the same time. Ladies favourite short hairstyles like pixie cut flatter your facial features beautifully. Here are the latest pixie hairstyles that we have gathered for you!

1. Pixie Hair

Her platinum blonde hair and side parted long pixie style is really inspiring and charming.

Pixie Haircut

2. Pixie Cut

This slicked pixie style looks great on her, this style is a excellent option for special occasions.

Pixie Cuts

3. Pixie Hairstyle

This classy pixie hairstyle is great inspiration for women of all ages.

Pixie Hairstyles

4. Pixie Haircut

Her pixie cut looks really adorable and great haircut for women with round face.

Pixie Haircuts

5. Pixie Hairdo

Her ashy blonde hair and pixie cut with bangs is matching with her skin tone and figure.

Pixie Hair

6. Side Shaved Pixie

Side shaved hairstyles like this one can make you look much more rebellious it is also great pixie cut for summer.

Pixie Hairstyles-6

7. Short Pixie

This short pixie cut can simply frame your face beautifully.

Pixie Hairstyles-7

8. Platinum Pixie

This is great spiky pixie cut for women who likes stand out of the crowd with their style.

Pixie Hairstyles-8

9. Brunette Pixie

This brunette pixie hairstyle is great for women with smart casual style.

Pixie Hairstyles-9

10. Neat Pixie

Here is a neat and cute pixie style that can worn for any occasions.

Pixie Hairstyles-10

11. Multiple Color

This pixie hairstyle looks so unique because it contains natural dark hair and blonde hair color.

Pixie Hairstyles-11

12. Pixie with Bangs

This brunette sport layered pixie style with side swept bangs beautifully, this is a great haircut for heart shape faces.

Pixie Hairstyles-12

13. Coloured Pixie

Here is another unique hairstyle option: blue pixie cut with side swept bangs.

Pixie Hairstyles-13

14. Edgy Pixie

This edgy pixie cut would be perfect to create punk rock look.

Pixie Hairstyles-14

15. Blonde Pixie Cut

Here is a blonde pixie cut that tapered at the back and longer on the front, this is a timeless pixie cut.

Pixie Hairstyles-15

16. Celebrity Pixie

Jessie J. made a surprise by cutting her hair to short pixie, she has also blonde hair color too.

Pixie Hairstyles-16

17. Pixie and Bangs

Pixie Hairstyles-17

18. Curly Pixie

This naturally curly pixie hairstyle looks really cute and modern that completes this girl’s whole look.

Pixie Hairstyles-18

19. Messy Pixie

Here is a messy pixie style that can be worn as casual looks and special events too.

Pixie Hairstyles-19

20. Girls Pixie

This girl’s pixie style look so clean and fresh that you can create different styles with this pixie cut if needed.

Pixie Hairstyles-20

21. Pixie Hairdo

Scarlett’s pixie cut styled as pompadour inspired style and she rocks this look.

Pixie Hairstyles-21

22. Dark Pixie Style

This dark pixie hairstyle is definition of street style and you can see different version of this pixie on the streets.


Pixie Hairstyles-22

23. Red Pixie

Red pixie hair, green eyes and red lips seems like a perfect combination in this photo!

Pixie Hairstyles-23

24. Ashy Pixie

This ashy blonde short hairstyle looks really stylish with this model’s tattoos.

Pixie Hairstyles-24

25. Pixie Hair Style


Pixie Hairstyles-25

26. Platinum Blonde Hair

Her casual style and accessories looks perfectly matched with her platinum blonde pixie style.

Pixie Hairstyles-26

27. Pixie with Headband

You can also use hairband to create a different style with your pixie cut.

Pixie Hairstyles-27

28. Shaved Pixie

This tapered hairstyle looks really fashion forward that she looks great with it.

Pixie Hairstyles-28

29. Pompadour Pixie

This masculine pompadour hairstyle looks really stylish on this model with her red lips and blonde hair color.

Pixie Hairstyles-29

30. Cute Pixie

Lastly, here is a cute yet stylish pixie cut that can be sported by young ladies.

Pixie Hairstyles-30