Really Chic 25 Trendy Bob Hairstyles 2014



When you see ladies that have a bob haircut, you immediately want to call your stylist. The interesting fact is that no one can really blame you. Bob short hairs are really damn charming. You can either decide to choose for a really short hair that is going to allow you to style it extremely fast, or for a longer version that will make your hair look even longer than you thought it would. Keep in mind the fact that bob haircuts are great as long as it does not rain. The moment your hair gets wet, your hairstyle is going to be ruined. The good news is that each of these 25 Trendy Bob Hairstyles 2014 are going to help you realize that you can cut your hair and still look amazing. A great fact about this gallery is that they will really help you look good. You just need to make sure that you choose the bob that really suits your features. If you are thinking about a dramatic change, you can also color your hair at the same time. So, all you have to do is to look at these pictures, choose the one that you like the most, call your stylist and ask him to cut and color your hair based on your choice.

1. Pretty Blonde Bob Haircut with Side Bangs

Trendy Blonde Bob Haircuts


2. Cute Platinum Bob Haircut for 2014

Trendy Platinum Bob Haircuts 2014


3. Trendy Long Bob with Dark Hair

Trendy Long Bob Dark Hair


4. Trendy Inverted Bob Cut for 2014-2015

Trendy Inverted Bobs 2014


5. Cute Trendy Short Bob Style

Cute Trendy Short Bob 2014


6. Straight Short Layered Hair Style

Short Layered Hair Styles 2014

7. Dark Trendy Wavy Bob Style

Dark Trendy Wavy Bob 2014


8. Trendy Short Blonde Bob with Bangs for Women

Trendy Short Blonde Bob for Women


9. Chelsea Kane’s Blonde Bob Hair

Chelsea Kane Trendy Hair

10. Long Inverted Dark Bob Hairstyle for 2014-2015

Long Inverted Dark Bob Hairstyles 2014


11. Katie Holmes’s Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

Katie Holmes Trendy Wavy Hairstyles

12. Trendy Straight Hairstyle Idea for Women Over 50

Trendy Hairstyle Idea for Women Over 50


13. Shoulder Length Bob Hair Trend

Bob Hair Trends 2015


14. Layered Short Trendy Bob

Layered Short Trendy Bob


15. Trendy Angled Bob Cut with Bangs

Trendy Angled Bob with Bangs

16. Trendy Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle for Older Women

Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles for Older Women


17. Stacked Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Stacked Bob Hairstyles Trendy Haircuts 2014


18. Pink Purple Bob Hair for Girls

Trendy Pink Purple Bob Hair for Girls


19. Short Bob Hairstyle for Women Back View

Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles for Women Back View


20. Trendy Straight Bob Haircut with Long Bangs

Trendy Bob Haircuts with Long Bangs 2014


21. Trendy Asymmetrical Bob Wavy Hair

Trendy Asymmetrical Bob Wavy Hair


22. Trendy Dark Pixie Bob Cut

Trendy Pixie Bob Cut


23. The Best Trendy Short Haircut for 2014-2015

Best Trendy Short Haircuts for 2014-2015


24. Kimberly Caldwell’s Trendy Haircut

Trendy Kimberly Caldwell Haircut

25. Sophie Sumner Blonde Bob Hair

Sophie Sumner Trending Bob Hair 2014