Women’s Beloved Short Hair Colors in 2014 – 2015



These days’ women love experimenting in different and matchless manner. From striking and latest hairstyles to classical and modish short hair colors; they are keen to try anything to make their hair look stylishly fabulous and different than random. At the present time, hair colors have gained vogue. Many people enjoy their short hairstyle with a touch of color added to it and many opt it colored full. With a diversity of different hair color ideas, one can simple various their outlook within a matter of some hours. As unique as short hair is, coloring it brings a touch of style and modernity to it. Looking for hair color ideas? Here you’ll find 25 Short Hair Colors 2014-2015 that will leave you inspired and excited to change up your look! So scroll down and look forward to the different hair color ideas which are mentioned below. Add colors to your life and hair and make it look more sexy and up-to-date!

1. Best Short Colored Hairstyle

Best Short Colored Hair


2. Short Pink Hair Color for Women

Short Pink Hair Colors


3. Different Hair Color Idea for Short Bob Hair

Different Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair


4. Short Caramel Hair Color for 2014

Short Caramel Hair Colors 2014


5. Short Colored Bob Hair 2015

Short Colored Hair 2015


6. Short Copper Colored Hair Side View 2015

Short Copper Colored Hair 2015

7. Short Wavy Lavender Colored Hair

Short Lavender Colored Hair 2014-2015

8. Short Dark Green Ombre Hair

Short Dark Green Hair Color


9. Short Purple Bob Hair 2014

Short Purple Hair Color 2014-2015


10. Short Layered Highlighted Hair

Short Highlighted Hair Color


11. Short Different Colored Spiked Hair

Short Different Colored Hair Styles

12. Short Different Ombre Hair Color

Short Different Ombre Hairstyles

13. Straight Short Blonde Highlighted Hair

Short Blonde Highlighted Hair Color

14. Short Red Hair with Bangs 2014

Short Red Hair 2014-2015

15. Short Thick Different Hair Color Women

Short Different Hair Color Women 2014-2015


16. Short Hair Color Idea 2014-2015

Short Hair Color Ideas 2014-2015


17. Short Two Tone Stacked Hair Color Idea

Short Two Tone Hair Color Ideas 2014


18. Short Peacock Bob Hair Color Idea

Short Peacock Hair Color Ideas 2014


19. Short Inverted Bob Hair Color Idea

Short Bob Hair Color Ideas 2014


20. Short Blue Wavy Hair Color Idea

Short Blue Hair Color Ideas

21. Short Blonde Bob Hair Color Idea for Women

Short Blonde Bob Hair Color Ideas

22. Short Ash Blonde Pixie Hair Color Idea

Short Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas


23. Fuchsia Short Straight Hair Color

Fuchsia Short Hair Colors Style


24. Red Short Pixie Hair Color Idea

Red Short Hair Color Ideas


25. Cute Short Lowlighted Hair Color Idea

Short Lowlighted Hair Color Ideas