25 Short and Easy Haircuts You Need to See



If you can’t decide between long and short hair, those 25 Short and Easy Haircuts will definitely solve your dilemma! Short haircuts are the hair trend of this season, many celebrities and women all around the world sport short hairstyles gradually. Especially pixie styles and bob haircuts are very popular among ladies. So, you should definitely take a look at these fresh, classy and effortless short hairstyles for women!

1. Easy Short Haircut

This inverted blonde bob hairstyle is so easy to style that it won’t take ten minutes to be ready in the morning!

Easy Short Haircuts

2. Short Easy Haircut

Forget about hair styling products with this undercut pixie style!

Short Easy Haircuts

3. Easy Haircut for Short Hair

This inverted bob hairstyle has layering so it would be easy to style for casual look.

Easy Haircuts for Short Hair

4. Easy Style Short Haircut

This one may seem tricky, it is spiky pixie cut you can achieve that look with texturizing hair products.

Easy Style Short Haircuts

5. Easy Short Haircut for Women

This dark pixie style with side swept bangs are great for women with lighter skin tones and blue eyes.

Easy Short Haircuts for Women

6. Short Layers

Here is rose hair color with layered bob hairstyle that may look great on you.

Short Easy Haircuts-6

7. Jennifer Lawrence

This is a fun picture of Jennifer Lawrence but her bob hair looks effortlessly good and sassy.

Short Easy Haircuts-7

8. Pixie Cut 2016

This undercut pixie style and platinum hair color is just fashion-forward.

Short Easy Haircuts-8

9. Graduated Bob

This short bob hairstyle with bangs

Short Easy Haircuts-9

10. Bob Haircut 2016

She says she hates everyone but we love her short hair with shaved sides! 🙂

Short Easy Haircuts-10

11. Cute Short Hair

This colorful hairband make this red pixie style much more cute and practical.

Short Easy Haircuts-11

12. Easy and Simple

Here is a simple short hairstyle that can be suitable for any occasions.

Short Easy Haircuts-12

13. Back View

Many women want to see the back view of short hairstyle, so here is a back view of inverted bob hair!

Short Easy Haircuts-13

14. Boyish Cut

This undercut pixie style with blonde highlight looks masculine and very easy to style.

Short Easy Haircuts-14

15. Chloe Moretz

Her bob hairstyle is just simply gorgeous and cute.

Short Easy Haircuts-15

16. Short Pixie

Here is cute yet effortless pixie style for blonde hair.

Short Easy Haircuts-16

17. Curvy Girls Pixie

Here is a nice short hairstyle for curvy girls with round faces.

Short Easy Haircuts-17

18. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer looks really lovely in this pic with her inverted bob hair and blonde hair color and highlights.

Short Easy Haircuts-18

19. Blonde Bob

This straight bob hairstyle is a great option for women with oval and round faces.

Short Easy Haircuts-19

20. Thin Hair

Women who ave thin hair want to know how to deal with flat hair,  here is a layered short hair style for you!

Short Easy Haircuts-20

21. Short Black Hairstyle

This navy blue hair color with black base, and undercut pixie style will looks perfect on young ladies.

Short Easy Haircuts-21

22. Uma Turman

With layering like this one, it would be much more east to style thick and wavy hair.

Short Easy Haircuts-22

23. Evan Rachel Wood

This short casual layered thin light colored bob hairstyle looks great with her light skin tones and blue eyes.

Short Easy Haircuts-23

24. Long Pixie Cut

Here is a copper red pixie style for women with thick hair texture, she looks really likable and chic.

Short Easy Haircuts-24

25. Katy Hearn Haircut

Thin long bob hairstyle is a great choice for women with dark hair color and blue eyes.

Short Easy Haircuts-25