25 Popular Short and Curly Haircuts 2014 You Need to See



Naturally curly hair has its ups and downs…in regards to styles that is! Bob, afro hairstyle, cascade and many other interesting variations will make you look differently on those ladies and girls who have curly hair. It’s cool to have so many variations, but which one to choose for yourself, if you want to make a short hairstyle. Most of girls choose the short hair by the following criteria: face shape, body type, skin color, overall look, willingness to change something in their look. It’s pretty hard to choose which haircut will suit, that’s why we’d like to share with you 25 Popular Short and Curly Haircuts 2014 that might help you choosing the right style for yourself. Check them out and get inspired!

1. Charming Short Curly Haircut 2014

Popular Short Curly Haircuts 2014

2. Short Higlighted Hairstyle for Curly Hair 2014

Best Short Hairstyles for Curly Hair 2014

3. Short Curly Hair 2014 Vintage Style

Cool Short Curly Hair 2014

4. 2014 Short Thick Curly Hairstyle

2014 Short Curly Popular Hairstyles

5. Short Curly Dark Haircut Popular Style

Short Curly Haircuts Popular Style Pictures

6. Short Curly Blonde Pixie Haircut

Short Curly Blonde Haircuts 2014


7. Cute Short Curly Asymmetrical Haircut

Short Curly Asymmetrical Haircuts 2014

8. Short Blonde Curly Haircut Back View

Short Curly Haircuts Back View 2014

9. Short Curly Blonde Bob Haircut for Oval Faces

Short Curly Blonde Bob Haircuts

10. Short Curly Red Haircut with Side Bangs

Short Curly Red Haircuts

11. Short Bob Curly Haircut with Bangs 2014

Best Short Curly Bob Haircuts 2014

12. Asymmetrical Short Ginger Curly Bob Haircut

Asymmetrical Short Curly Bob Haircuts

13. Long Blonde Bob Curly Haircut

Long Bob Curly Haircuts

14. Rihanna Dark Bob Curly Haircut

Dark Bob Curly Haircuts

15. Popular Bob Curly Dark Hairstyle

Popular Bob Curly Dark Hair

16. Curly Wavy Asymmetrical Short Dark Blonde Hair

Curly Wavy Asymmetrical Short Dark Haircuts 2014


17. Curly Graduated Short Brown Bob Hair

Curly Graduated Short Bob Haircuts 2014

18. Curly Inverted Short Ombre Bob Hair

Curly Inverted Short Bob Haircuts 2014

19. Curly Thick Short Bob Hair with Highlights

Curly Thick Short Bob Haircuts

20. Curly Short Bob Blonde Hair for Women

Curly Short Bob Blonde Haircuts 2014

21. Short Curly Dark Haircut 2014

Short Curly Haircuts 2014

22. Curly Weave Short Afro Haircut 2014

Curly Weave Short Haircuts 2014

23. Short Curly Bob Haircut 2014

Short Curly Haircuts Bob Styles 2014

24. Most Popular Short Haircut with Curly Ends 2014

Most Popular Short Curly Haircuts 2014

25. Thick Short Curly Ginger Haircut Side View 2014

Thick Short Curly Ginger Haircuts 2014