25 Cutest Short Hairstyle Ideas for Spring



Short haircuts for ladies started to be popular in the 1920s, when they became more independent and were also inspired by cinema starlets; they were also very popular in the 1960s, thanks to actresses like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, both of whom proved you could still be feminine in 2015-2016, sensual and cute with short hair.

Short hairstyles have caught the attention of the fashion world and are spreading rapidly among the crowd. They are classic, unique and eye catching. They sharpen ones features and modernize their outlook. Ladies look cute in short hairstyles. They come through as chic and cute. The best way to style up short hair is to keep it side swept. It looks amazingly cute and admiring. You can also even opt for getting your short hairs colored. It is a unique style that is now famous among everyone. Thus, if you are old and urge for a different hairstyle then you have set your feet on the right place. Below we have rounded up for you 25 Cutest Short Hairstyle Ideas for Spring through which you can make your guy go crazy with your cute short hairstyle!

1. Cute Short Cut 2015

Vibrant colorful highlights are very popular for short haircuts. This look makes an impression of bangs, dipped into a can with the wrong paint, but we do know: everything is done for a reason.
Cute Short Cuts 2015

2. Best Cute Short Hair 2016

Platinum perfectly completes this look, reflecting excellence and purity. So, these were your endless ideas of haircuts and hairstyles for short thin hair.
Cute Short Hair 2016

3. Cute Summer Hairstyle for Short Hair

A good example for those girls who want to try an extra short haircut.
Cute Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

4. Cute Short Haircut 2016

A bob haircut is a must-have haircut of the year. From celebrities to grade school girls, everyone is trading in long locks for a flattering short cut. Instead of blending in with everyone else, separate yourself with some well-placed highlights and an angled style.
Cute Short Haircuts 2016

5. Super Cute Short Haircut 2015

Short graduated pixie is an absolute hit that suits most girls with oval faces. Although you don’t have sufficient length to unleash your fantasy, you can always experiment with bangs.
Super Cute Short Haircuts 2015

6. Mocha Brown Short-to-Medium Style

Don’t ever mistake brown for boring, especially when it comes to hair. Here, copper and caramel highlights brighten up brown hair.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-6

7. Textured Bob With Bangs

This classy little bob celebrates texture. It’s perfect for those who want to go very short without losing their bangs. For fans of 1920s flapper style and glamour this makes a good and easy-to-maintain choice a busy woman would appreciate.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-7

8. Boyish Curls

Don’t think that you have you can get only something simple. You have seen many inspiring examples. So, make a change and amaze your family and friends!
Cute Short Cuts 2015-8

9. Lifted Wavy Bob

Women with thinner hair often wonder how to style their locks in the best possible way. Short elegant S-waves provide a lot of lift to a simple bob. With a medium-sized barrel curling iron, add waves to the under and upper layers for the most body.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-9

10. Short Shaggy Bob

When looking for really short haircuts, remember that you don’t have to settle for the clippers. This very short bob gives you a lot more freedom to play with your look.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-10

11. Side-Parted Bob Hairstyle

Wedge hairstyles are marked by short layers in the back and longer pieces throughout the top. Even though there is a bit of a set formula, you still can have fun and make the look your own.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-11

12. Layered Locks

There is something edgy and strict about having hair that is all one tone. But, because a wedge haircut is so thick, there needs to be some highlights to break it up. Babylights—really thin, natural-looking highlights—are perfect when you need dimension without a bold color.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-12

13. Cute Cropped Haircut

No need to wear a boring style just because you’d like to have thicker hair.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-13

14. Great for the School

The all-over base is medium brown, but there are strands of honey blonde, copper, caramel, dark brown, auburn, and a few mahogany streaks. The overall effect is actually quite natural, which is the ideal result of mixing lowlights with your highlights.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-14

15. Dark Brown Sassy Haircut

While it looks like a pixie, the stacked layers throughout the crown and the soft sweeping bangs make it different. Perfect for women with round faces who need a subtle-yet-stylish hairdo.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-15

16. Modern Curly Crop

The naturally curly locks are given new life with expert definition. The perfection of tight curls is glamorous, modern, and vintage all at the same time.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-16

17.  Short Spiky Haircut for Women

Very short hairstyles are great for highlighting lovely facial features like well-defined cheek bones and amazing eyes.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-17

18. Beachy Waves with Ombre Highlights

This balayage gives an impression of dark hair gone lighter in the sun. The soft waves and tender brown tones are so in tune!
Cute Short Cuts 2015-18

19. Short Spiky Tapered Haircut for Women

This one is a daring very short ‘do, so, if you want to take the plunge and go super short while blending punk and sophistication, then this is a look to consider.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-19

20. Soft and Sassy

A bowl cut can seem scary and it may not be flattering on all face shapes. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid it altogether—just tweak it to make it work for you. Long side-swept bangs and a few layers will provide angles and structure to round faces.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-20

21. Long Side Swept Bangs

Style it with an emphasis on texture and currently trendy wet accents.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-21

22. Short Bouncy Curls

Balayage looks just as stunning on short haircuts for curly hair as it does on longer curly locks. To get waves that are bouncy and full of life, curl pieces of hair in different directions and use a light hold spray. Divine!
Cute Short Cuts 2015-22

23. Short Spiky Haircut

Style it with an emphasis on texture and currently trendy wet accents. This grunge couture hairdo is great for those who want to make a statement while looking absolutely fabulous!
Cute Short Cuts 2015-23

24. Maroon Maven Bob

A perfect shape, lovely texture and beautiful color make a head-turning hairstyle. It’s all about the expert layering and strategically placed angles, enhanced by a beautiful hue.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-24

25. Platinium Bob Hairdo

Most of them are extremely light, but there are a few streaks of golden blonde, dirty blonde, and honey blonde. Still, this is one smart way to go light without completely bleaching your hair.
Cute Short Cuts 2015-25