New Black Girl Hairstyles that You’ll Love



Are looking for new haircuts for black girls? Here we have gathered hottest New Black Girl Hairstyles that You’ll Love for you to get inspired this season! African American girls have their own unique hair texture if you so, sometimes you have a hard time styling your hair and control frizz. We recommend you to use hair products exactly for curly hair. Stylized, edgy and classy short black hairstyles for black women always make one stand out in a crowd. They bring out a throughout new shiny look in women just like a perfect accessory does. Usually, short hair styles seem greatest when they’re left natural. Even so, with regards to truly short cuts, you can’t vary their designs usually and need a professional hairdo.

So, we have new hairstyles for black women below that definitely give you some inspirational ideas! This trendy short hairstyles continue to enchant and beautify any face shape look more charming. From sleek pixies to natural crops, these black girl short hairstyles will inspire you to try something new.

1. Black Girl Hairstyle

Black spiral hairstyles have the potential to look great on anyone, but those with thick, curly hair will really pull them off well.
Black Girl Hairstyles

2. Hairstyle for Black Girls

Classic Vintage Curls
Hairstyles for Black Girls

3. Short Hairstyle for Black Girls

Ladies with short hair can have just as much curly fun as those with longer locks.
Short Hairstyles for Black Girls

4. Black Girl Short Hairstyle

Straight hair with bob hairstyle is also useful and cool for black girls.
Black Girl Short Hairstyles

5. Black Girl with Short Hair

Amazing and useful pixie haircut!
Black Girls with Short Hair

6. Neat Black Curly Hairstyle

Your hair doesn’t always have to be the focal point of your look – sometimes a fun accessory like a thick fabric headband can add a beautiful twist to an already pulled-together look.
Black Girl Hairstyles-6

7. Curly Hair with Box Braids

What can we say for this one? Crazy and cute!
Black Girl Hairstyles-7

8. Volumious and Highlighted Style

Going for natural tight curls, she brightens up her face by adding grey blonde and honey highlights.
Black Girl Hairstyles-8

9. Natural Tiny Curls

Use an ethnic hair product designed to accentuate very tight curls like these.
Black Girl Hairstyles-9

10. Straighted Ombre Short-to-Medium

Lightened hair looks gorgeous on darker-skinned girls too!
Black Girl Hairstyles-10ort-

11. Platinium Blonde with Waves

There are no rules to this hairstyle with colored hair every single strand of hair is clearly having a great time!
Black Girl Hairstyles-11

12. Long Dark Bob Hairstyle

Short black straight hairstyle with a high shine finish
Black Girl Hairstyles-12

13. Natural Curly Hairstyle with Bangs

Naturally curly haircuts can be just as gorgeous as long, and a lot easier to take care of, too!
Black Girl Hairstyles-13

14. Natural Curly Hairstyle with no-Bangs

This curly hairstyle is accomplished simply by adding ethnic curl product to damp hair and letting it air dry.
Black Girl Hairstyles-14

15. Short Tiny Black Curls

Using an anti-frizz product, this look was achieved simply by smoothing hair and pinning half of it back on one side with a hair pin.
Black Girl Hairstyles-15

16. Short Black Curly Hairstyle with a High Shine Finish

Perfect for African-American women with short hair, this style is fairly quick and it works fantastic either for a night out with friends
Black Girl Hairstyles-16

17. Asymmetric Messy Pixie Cut

Cool pixie hairstyle is one of favorite style for black women.
Black Girl Hairstyles-17

18. Asymmetrical Dark Bob Hairstyle

Sleek, sew-in hairstyles like this natural looking Bob, showcase the beauty and precision of an expertly cut and styled sew-in.
Black Girl Hairstyles-18

19. Textured Shorter Style in Violet

This cute pixie is brought to life thanks to the bright, violet purple color and an expert cut.
Black Girl Hairstyles-19

20. Braided Shorter Style

This one is so cute and useful for little girls!
Black Girl Hairstyles-20

21. Grey Haircolor with Natural Curls

African American women are very fond of full and partial sew-ins that mimic their natural hair texture, such as this one. These grey, tight, textured curls are not only versatile, but very realistic looking.
Black Girl Hairstyles-21

22. Smoothed Out Curls

These curls are natural throughout, but feature a deep side part and a strongly slicked down area on one side.
Black Girl Hairstyles-22

23. Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

This asymmetrical pixie with long bangs is very elegant for black women.
Black Girl Hairstyles-23

24. Long Bob Hairstyle

Long and straight bob hairstyle is very cool with deep dark hairs!
Black Girl Hairstyles-24

25. Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

The short bob hairstyle with bangs are very cute!
Black Girl Hairstyles-25

26. Wavy Bob Hairdo with Long Bangs

This is a dramatic style to request at the salon, but it is definitely also beautiful and very photo-worthy.
Black Girl Hairstyles-26

27. Wave-to-Curl Short Hairstyle

The most beautiful and believable sew-in weave hairstyles are those that look as natural as possible.
Black Girl Hairstyles-27

28. Bob Hairstyle with Very Tiny Curls

.Natural hair is very popular for African-American women these days, and the very tight curls in the photo are a beautiful example of how gorgeous natural hair can be.
Black Girl Hairstyles-28

29. Half-Updo Style

From casual to formal, this hairstyle can literally be worn for any occasion and it looks great when paired with any outfit.
Black Girl Hairstyles-29