25+ Hottest Short Haircuts for 2015 – 2016 Season



Short hairstyles are everywhere and extremely in trends! If you can’t decide between short and long hair, our 25+ Hottest Short Haircuts for 2015 – 2016 Season gallery will definitely resolve your dilemma! Short hairstyle trend is the biggest hair trend of 2015-2016 season. There are many different short haircuts that compliment any women’s facial features. Short haircut is a superb hairstyle that you can rock whether you have brunette, blonde, red or rainbow hair. It frames and highlights your face, make your cheek bones and color of your eyes pop. Bob hairstyles are very popular among women for all ages. Bob haircuts are modern, stylish and very versatile. You can use some caramel or honey trendy highlight colors to add much freshness and charm to your whole look. For more sophisticated and lovely look you can add bangs to your short hairstyle and we are definitely sure it will make a huge difference. In this post you will find the hottest short hairstyles for women and you may want to try one of these trendy hairstyles as soon as possible! Check them out and get inspirational ideas!

1. Short Haircut for Women 2016

Wavy bob hairstyle and blonde hair… Looks really nice and feminine together.

2. Women Short Haircut 2016

This face framing pixie style can be worn for every occasions.

Womens Short Haircuts 2016

3. Best Women Short Haircut 2015

Emma Watson inspired pixie styles are also very popular this season.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015

4. Women Short Hair 2016

Her blonde long bob hair was mentioned in many magazines and she looks stunning with her new hairstyle.

Womens Short Hair 2016

5. 2015 Womens Short Haircut

You can have bob and bangs even if you have wavy hair.

2015 Womens Short Haircuts

6. Short Blonde Pixie

Here is a layered pixie style for ladies of all ages.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-6

7. Pixie Style

Halle Berry is one of the celebrities that wears short hair styles for a long time and she rocks it!

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-7

8. Cute Pixie Style

You can use hairbands to create a vintage inspired look with your pixie hairstyle.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-8

9. Blonde Pixie

This is a classy short hairstyle that never goes out of fashion.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-9

10. Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Her edgy short hairstyle is so popular among young women and teenagers.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-10

11. Pixie with Bangs

This pixie style with bangs is really good option women with long faces.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-11

12. Short Hair

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-12

13. Short Hair for Mature Women

Here is a spiky short hairstyle that may look great on mature women.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-13

14. Kaley’s Short Hair

Kaley has this cute vibe with her long pixie hairstyle.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-14

15. Pixie Cut

This is not the best hairstyle for Miley ever but it may look great on you!

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-15

16. Natalie Portman Pixie

This short pixie style will definitely flatter all your facial features nicely.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-16

17. Bob with Bangs

Short bangs and bob hairstyle may lead you to stylish look.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-17

18. Cute Pixie Hairstyle

Look how gorgeous she is! This slick straight deep side parted pixie style just beautiful.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-18

19. Pixie and Bangs

Pixie style with long bangs make long faces look much more proportional.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-19

20. Colored Pixie

You can add different hair colors (like this one below) and create your own style by this way.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-20

21. Rihanna Short Pixie

Her face framing short pixie cut is great example of you can find a pixie style that flatters every face.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-21

22. Classy Pixie

This classy pixie style with side swept bangs looks stylish and suitable for business women.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-22

23. Dark Bob

Here is a easy-to-style dark bob hairstyle for thick and wavy hair textures.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-23

24. Blonde Curly Pixie

Under cut wavy pixie style with a trendy hair color.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-24

25. Long Bob

Here is a great choice for women want to cut their long locks but don’t want to go all short this one is for you: long bob!

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-25

26. Pixie Cut Trend

This pixie style with a hair on top is great solution to make your round face much more oval.

Womens Short Haircuts 2015-26