25+ On-Trend Short Haircuts for This Year



You can use them as in order to have the haircut that is well suited to the short hair of yours as this can completely change up your look too. This can be used for the short haircut very easily too. you can choose the bangs too.

There are in with the girls that have got the short hairstyle, as they can simply have the front bangs that can help them to have the beast look of the haircut. Plus they can also have the layered hair too. Now the cutting in the steps is also very much adopted by the ladies that are very easily found by the many girls too.

Short layered hairstyles look fantastic even if they are very simple. In case you are lucky to have short hair yet feel unsure about how to style it, you are in the right place at the right time. And for some of us it’s just a burden that we do not want to carry on our shoulders even for the sake of beauty. If you find yourself in the last situation, short layered haircuts are the best solution to retain your envious length and relieve yourself of much weight, meaning literally. We have prepared for you 25+ On-Trend Short Haircuts for This Year gallery for getting inspired!

1. Short Haircut 2016

This trick works for men with thin hair, but not every woman looks good with a very short crop. The optimal length would be a long pixie, short bob or pixie bob.
Short Haircuts 2016

2. Short Hair 2016

A hair dryer and a round brush are your first assistants in achieving voluminous short hair styles for fine hair. Balayage with dark roots and textured ends also work in the right direction, boosting body and texture of your hair.
Short Haircut 2016

3. Best Short Haircut 2015

Short cuts can also be very light and romantic, and women who sport them may look extremely feminine.
Short Haircuts 2015

4. Short Haircut for 2016

Short-to-medium bob hairstyle with half updo.
Short Haircuts for 2016

5. 2015 Short Haircut

If you want to look even more playful – curl your hair and leave it a bit messy.
2015 Short Haircuts

6. Disconnected Pixie for Short Hair

Short haircuts for thin hair should use lots of layers whether your hair is straight or wavy. Sweeping them to one side is a good idea because this doubles the volume.
Short Haircuts for 2015-6

7. Layered Pixie with an Edgy Fringe

Sharply angled layers within your short haircut create a texture that will never let your hair look flat and limp. You can enhance it by styling your hair with a texturizing product. Finger comb your bangs to the side and throw some crown layers forward onto the bangs.
Short Haircuts for 2015-7

8. Wavy Sassy Bob

Curly hairstyles are sublime for showing off cute modern cuts and salon dye jobs. The highlights and lowlights are like elegant swirls.
Short Haircuts for 2015-8

9. Asymmetric Dark Bob

The right amount of lift at the roots and brown highlighted coloristic solution turn her beautiful short hairstyle into a total success.
Short Haircuts for 2015-9

10. Straight Bob for Thin Hair

A classic bob with a side parting and a slightly tousled effect is perfect for a round face shape. It makes it more subtle and soft.
Short Haircuts for 2015-10

11. Balayaged Blonde Bob Hair

Consider trying balayage dyeing technique on your blonde pixie.
Short Haircuts for 2015-11

12. Curly Hairstyle for Short Thin Hair

Highlighted locks will definitely add some volume to fine hair.
Short Haircuts for 2015-12

13. Short-to-Medium with Ombre

Highlighted tresses always make facial features more defined.
Short Haircuts for 2015-13

14.  Short Wavy Hairstyle

Light waves for short layered hair is another easy way to create texture that doesn’t lead to enormous volume, but definitely saves you from the disappointing look of limp locks. That’s a great idea of a casual hairstyle.
Short Haircuts for 2015-14

15. Long Red Wavy for Fine Hair

Short hairstyles for women with fine hair are sometimes very simple but they manage to look high class. The key is in the rich-looking hair color that flatters your complexion and brightens your eyes.
Short Haircuts for 2015-15

16. Long Pixie for Fine Hair

A long feathered pixie would be a great solution for fine thin hair. The tapered silhouette and layers throughout provide a nice volume of the crown section, especially when you style your hair with a lift at the roots.
Short Haircuts for 2015-16

17. Short Choppy Blonde Pixie

Short haircuts for women with thin hair can be choppy.
Short Haircuts for 2015-17

18. Very Short Pixie

Very short hair with a heavy fringe gives the hair additional density. Use light jelly gel for texturing.
Short Haircuts for 2015-18

19. Short Multi-Colored Bob

Bring out your inner punk rock goddess with twisted thick straight hair. Working with your natural texture is a huge part of the rockstar appeal.
Short Haircuts for 2015-19

20. Feathered Pixie for Thin Hair

A feathered pixie with subtle highlights is an equally good choice for a mature lady or a young girl. It’s sassy, modern and best suitable for thin hair that lacks body and turns out high-maintenance in longer hairstyles.
Short Haircuts for 2015-20

21. Short to Medium Messy Bob

When choosing a hairstyle we should take into account not only our hair texture, but our face shape as well.
Short Haircuts for 2015-21

22. Boyish Short Cut for Thin Hair

Use light hold products only in order not to make your hairstyle ‘plastic’
Short Haircuts for 2015-22

23. Soft Wavy Elegance

Learning how to style a cut this adorable is important. Ask your stylist lots of questions and get it right! The bangs are cropped and rounded slightly to give them lift and keep them above the eyebrows, while the rest of the hair is treated to perfectly imperfect waves.
Short Haircuts for 2015-23

24. Short Maroon Waves

This bold color is full of rich tones and glimmering highlights. To achieve the curls, work with your natural texture by only curling pieces that need shaping.
Short Haircuts for 2015-24

25. Pixie Haircut with a Torn Fringe

Fringe Victoria Beckham chose this child like look with a short soft hair style. Fringe is light and can modelled using hairspray. This haircut requires virtually no styling. You can just comb damp hair in the right direction and let it dry naturally.
Short Haircuts for 2015-25

26. Layered Bob for Fine Hair

A blowout for short hair gives a cute rounded silhouette to your hairstyle that automatically excludes a flat look.
Short Haircuts for 2015-26

27. Short Messy Hairstyle with Braids

Short bangs are not very popular now. If you wear your inverted bob side parted with long bangs, they fall into the face all the time. Instead of simply pinning them out of the way, make two parallel twists that blend beautifully into slightly wavy hair.
Short Haircuts for 2015-27

28. Textured Pixie Undercut

Layering works as excellent for short haircuts, as it does for medium lengths. This is a fine layering work for fine hair that looks voluminous and mind-blowing.
Short Haircuts for 2015-28

29. Long Black Balayage Bob Hairstyle

Short hairstyles for thin hair always benefit from two-tonal or multi-tonal colors. Not only an accent hue distracts attention from the fine texture of your hair, it also adds much of visual interest into your common hairstyles.
Short Haircuts for 2015-29