25+ Latest Short Hair Cuts For Older Women



The fine hair lies neatly along the sides of the face. The center part makes the whole hairstyle even and exposes the forehead charmingly. The two sides are textured along the bottom edge with a slight razor-cut or point-cut skill to make the hairline softer, yet leaving defined shape. The luscious short hairstyles for older women are effortless to produce and can more shapely many face shapes and functions.

Who says only men get to “wash & go”? Using this super textured spiky hairstyle an older lady can adapt to her inner tomboy without compromising on style. Halle Berry pioneered this look, and mega stars are catching on to her great idea. Anne Hathaway keeps the look sexy and feminine with great smoky makeup and elegant accessories. Inspired by the side bang, this asymmetrical short haircut is useful and fashion forward.

If you would want to go short, but still desire to feel like you have tresses, this is a playful haircut that embraces the best of both the pixie and bob styles. Below you will find 25+ Latest Short Hair Cuts For Older Women.

1. Chic Short Hair for Older Women

The short blonde locks are side-parted to frame the face delicately and bring out the eyes. Hairstyles with A-line silhouette are universally flattering.
Short Hair for Older Women

2. Short Hair Style for Older Women

This is one of the best short hairstyles for older women, especially those with fine hair, because it requires very little day to day maintenance. Even if you don’t have time to blow dry or straighten it in the mornings it still maintains its structured shape and looks polished.
Short Hair Styles for Older Women

3. Short Hair Cut for Older Women

Pixies are among the most popular short hairstyles for women, but they best suit women with slim faces because they show off high cheekbones. Cropped cuts are perfect for older females because they provide texture for limp thinning strands.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women

4. Best Older Women Short Hair

By keeping the layers flat around the perimeter, it looks modern and not dated like the mullets of lead singers of bands in the eighties.
Older Women Short Hair

5. Short Haircut Older Women

The only way to create shape within short haircuts for women is with an expert layered cut. If you have straight hair, you can give it extra body by flipping out the ends with a large barrel curling iron.
Short Haircuts Older Women

6. Softly Layered Bob

This particular look is the embodiment of femininity and tenderness.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-6

7. Chic Bitter Layers

By keeping it cropped at the neck you can still have the ease of a snipped style, but the layers within the crown add softness and femininity to the look. The super short bangs are exciting, but can easily be covered up.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-7

8. Choppy Bowl Cut

Short brown hair does not have to be boring or basic. There are many options outside of a pixie cut or bob that incorporate texture and flair.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-8

9. Long Blonde Bang

Adding a light, golden color throughout the front of your hair cut will bring warmth to your complexion. This will create a youthful glow and instantly brighten your eyes.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-9

10. Short Stacked Bob

We all see this style quite often, as it’s one of the easiest looks to pull off when it comes to short hair.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-10

11. Lovely in White

Use white hair to your advantage. It makes a great backdrop for the softest pastel colors without the tedious effort of bleaching and toning. Create fullness with short feathered layers and wispy fringe for a funky and fun style.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-11

12. Sassy and Stacked

Stacked hair styles are beneficial for women over 50 for a couple of reasons. First, by placing multiple short layers on top of each other you can achieve a voluminous bump. Second, they provide a modern and youthful edge to basic bob cuts.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-12

13. Short and Simple for Older Women

Short layers will retain the shape of the cut as it grows out. Plus, it doesn’t require much prep work in the morning—just brush and go.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-13

14. Silver and Sophisticated

Silver hair makes a striking statement in super short styles because it looks cool and chic at the same time.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-14

15. Textured Shorter Style with Caramel Tones

These locks are bright, vibrant and bold. What can balance this powerful energy? Short piecey haircut styled towards the face!
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-15

16. Short Bob Hairstyle

This exquisite silver tone is especially flattering for older women, because that hair tones take off years and give you a fresher look.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-16

17. Signature Layered Hairstyle

Layering and dimensional highlights add volume to limp, fine hair. Go for a short-to-medium length if you want to achieve the best result.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-17

18. Angled Ash Blonde Cut

Older women sometimes experience softness in the face as they age. An angled cut adds sharpness to the curved edges and draws attention to the narrowness of a pointed chin.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-18

19. Classic Pixie Haircut for Women

Now we’re showing off a classic pixie haircut that’s easy to maintain and so much fun to style and embellish. No matter what color your hair is or how old you are, this style can be worn with confidence and boldness every day of the year.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-19

20. Short-to-Medium Curly Hairstyle for Older Women

This short cut is all about embracing natural volume and creating a high quiff-like top. These types of short hairstyles work because you can enjoy your natural texture and have no styling issues.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-20

21. Ruffled Pixie

Short edgy pixie with highlighted ends is effortless in styling and fabulous-looking in day-to-day wear. Besides, it’s a great coloristic pattern for gray hair in brunettes. You are going to look much younger, fresher and brighter.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-21

22. Silver Blonde Bob with Bangs

Short hair cuts that typically have been styles of busy moms on-the-go are now desirable with many different age brackets.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-22

23. Soft Tousled Waves

If you don’t want to commit to a completely different hairdo, why not style the one you have in a new and exciting way? Instead of sleek short layers, incorporate some soft flicks throughout the crown for touchable tousled texture.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-23

24. Helen Mirren’s Short Hairstyle

Her flawless stylish looks convince us that she copes with her role of a style icon for older ladies excellently. Fine hair of short length like Helen’s looks good in simple hairstyles with light wispy bangs.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-24

25. Voluminous Classic Cut

Start with a classic short cut. This is a beautiful way to wear some older women hairstyles that will never seem too boring or stuffy. With a bit of product and a hair-dryer you can create a fresh and flirtatious short hairdo at any age.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-25

26. Layered Short Hairstyle

Here is a preferred short look for women of all ages. In case you also wish to feel ultra feminine, try a chin-length cut that works great for hair of any texture.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-26

27. Spiked and Stylish

Messy spiked texture not only looks cool, but it also instantly adds major volume to thin straight strands.
Short Hair Cuts for Older Women-27