25+ Latest Curly Short Hairstyles for Stylish Women



Curly hair: A grace or a curse? If you try one of these 25+ Latest Curly Short Hairstyles for Stylish Women this season you will see it’s definitely a grace 🙂

Once, women with curly hairstyles was too afraid of short haircuts. Nowadays short curly hairstyles are very popular among women and men. Short hairstyles for curly hair are easy to maintain, look cool, cute and stylish at the same time. Especially when your curly hair gets proper care, it’s much easier to style. Use shampoos, masks and conditioners for curly hair. These products will moisturize your locks, help to handle the frizz and make your hair more malleable. Lightly messy hairstyles for curly hair are the easiest in styling. You only blow dry your wet hair with a diffuser attachment of hair dryer. We should say that basic haircuts for curly short hairstyles are short bobs and pixie haircuts. They both offer layering options, which are favored for curly haircuts. Short bob hairstyle with highlight colors like blonde or honey still remains their popularity. Now we assume that you’re going to cut your curly hair short, here are the latest short curly hairstyles for inspiration!

1. Curly Short Hairstyle 2015

Curly pixie haircut with braided effect braids.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015

2. Short Curly Haircut 2015

Look natural and feminine!
Short Curly Haircuts 2015

3. Short Hairstyle for Curly Hair 2016

Natural tight curls with asymmetric hairstyle.
Short Hairstyles for Curly Hair 2016

4. Short Curly Hair Style 2016

Wild tousled curls.
Short Curly Hair 2016

5. 2016 Short Curly Hairstyle

These skinny curls snake around to give volume, depth, and body to the shoulder length hair.
2016 Short Curly Hairstyles

6.Natural Waves-to-Curls

This natural looking perm creates a cascade of spiraled curls down your back for a more dramatic, full look.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-6

7. Asymmetric Pixie with Long Bangs

Long curly bangs are so cool and pretty!
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-7

8. Classic Curly Short Hairstyle

Short styles are super cute when they are curly. Since you get to choose your curl pattern, be sure to opt for large curls so they don’t look too wiry or immature.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-8

9. Braided Short Waves

Very cute and pretty style!
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-9

10. Short Curly Perm

Short styles are super cute when they are curly. Since you get to choose your curl pattern, be sure to opt for large curls so they don’t look too wiry or immature.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-10

11. Pixie With Bangs for Fine Hair

Simply curl your hair and brush it upwards for maximum volume, but avoid applying this method all over your head. Without slick or tapered sides this can go from head-turning to eye-rolling.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-11

12. Posh and Parisian

Many women are obsessed with the nonchalance of Parisian beauty. The result is undeniably sexy and self-assured as shown in this picture.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-12

13.Elegant and Wavy

It seems that ladies embrace the natural texture of their hair and shun overly made faces for a more pared-down approach to their appearance.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-13

14. Sweet and Chic

Rocking a banged bob is also a way for women with round faces to slim their visage.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-14

15. Big Messy Curls

The layered cut ensures that your curls dry in perfect spirals for an easy wash-and-go hairstyle.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-15

16. Sassy Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Not everyone can pull off super short bangs, but if you have the bombshell facial structure to make it work (perfectly arched brows, full lips and high cheekbones) they can actually add a welcome bit of whimsy to your overall appearance.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-16

17. Blonde Long Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Heart shaped faces are wider around the cheeks and more narrow towards the chin, so most people with this facial structure will want to highlight the slimmest part of the face.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-17

18. Hot Wavy Highlighted Bob

The messy waves are touchable and effortless for just the right amount of sexiness. Pair with a vibrant lip for a pop of color.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-18

19. Short Hair with Tiny Curls

If you are someone who absolutely cannot stand to have tight curls around your face, be a rule breaker and combine different textures.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-19

20. Graduated Wavy Bob Haircut

These charming soft waves will be flattering for round faces.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-20

21. Classy Side-Swept Hairstyle with Bangs

Deep side part hairstyles are a hot trend these days.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-21

22. Bombshell Dark Hairstyle

A dark hue is the fastest way to transform your cut from drab to fab. Countless makeovers have turned women into overnight sensations simply by changing their hair color.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-22

23. Croppy Short Haircut

With such a cropped cut, your curly hair bangs easily blend in with the rest of your style since all the pieces are the same length.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-23

24. Layered Natural Tendrils

There is a long antiquated rule that you aren’t supposed to wear bangs with curly hair due to shrinkage and a funny resemblance to a poodle. The best way to combat this association is to work with a stylist who specializes in curly hair to make sure that your bangs blend in with the layers in your hair; the result will be a full and flirty hairdo.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-24

25. Caramel Curls

A tapered cut with long bangs is amplified with the addition of bouncy curls, featuring mega-volume. A worthy look for an aspiring pop star.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-25

26. Sexy Curly Pixie

Just because your hair is short does not mean that you have to forego a curled look.
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-26

27. Big-Big Curly Hair

Wild, messy, elegant, very cool and sexy short-to-medium hairs!
Curly Short Hairstyles 2015-27