25 Pictures of Celebs with Their Chic Short Hair



Ready for hair liberation? Here in our gallery we have gathered 25 Celebs with Their Chic Short Hair that can be inspiring for you! Short hairstyles are in trends lately and celebrities going for the chop to create new styles. Celebrity hairstyles will always be inspiring for many women around the world. So in this gallery you will find the best example of celebrity short hairstyles including Jennifer Lawrence’s bob hair, Kaley Cuoco’s short hairstyles and many more… Check them out and get inspired!

1. Kate Mara Short Hair 2015

Here is a great styling option for pixie hairstyle.

Celebs with Short Hair

2. Carey Mulligan Pixie Hair

This blonde pixie hairstyle is suitable for women with light skin tone.

Celebrity with Short Hair

3. Ruby Rose Green Hair

Ruby Rose sports green short hairstyle with fringes in this image.

Celebs Short Hair

4. Kaley Cuoco

Kaley looks really nice and cute with her latest pixie style.

Celebrity Short Hair Cuts

5. Jennifer Lawrence’s Hair

She looks great with her angled bob hair and platinum blonde hair.

Celebrity Short Hair Styles

6. Audrey Hepburn Short Hair

She is a style icon and her short hair is a real inspiration for many women.

Celebs with Short Hair-6

7. Dark Bob

This straight bob haircut looks so shiny, slick and definitely stylish.

Celebs with Short Hair-7

8. Cool Short

To stand out of the crowd easily you can go with a vibrant short hairstyle like this one:

Celebs with Short Hair-8

9. Mia Farrow

Here is another vintage hairstyle of Mia Farrow.

Celebs with Short Hair-9

10. Lily Collins Short Hair

She looks really gorgeous with her tousled pixie cut and her reddish brown hair color.

Celebs with Short Hair-10

11. Sienna Miller

This is a great short hairstyle for women of all ages.

Celebs with Short Hair-11

12. Agyness Deyn

Here is a young and fresh version of messy pixie cut style.

Celebs with Short Hair-12

13. Carey Mulligan

Caley wears her hair short for a long time and in this image her hair looks so natural and chic.

Celebs with Short Hair-13

14. Audrey Hepburn

Here is another Audrey Hepburn hairstyle, she uses hairband and looks really gorgeous.

Celebs with Short Hair-14

15. Carey Mulligan

Cale Mulligan’s pixie looks so neat and well groomed that this hairstyle can be worn for any occasions.

Celebs with Short Hair-15

16. Jean Seberg

One of the most iconic short hairstyle of time: Jean Seberg’s pixie cut.

Celebs with Short Hair-16

17. Emma Watson Short Hair

She has cut her hair to short pixie after Harry Potter movies and rocks pixie cut as you can see!

Celebs with Short Hair-17

18. Halsey Blonde Pixie Cut

She adds a unique look to classic pixie style by adding platinum hair color.

Celebs with Short Hair-18

19. Jennifer Hudson

Pixie with bangs may be suitable for women with long faces.

Celebs with Short Hair-19

20. Ginnifer Goodwin

Here is another pixie style option for casual look.

Celebs with Short Hair-20

21. Halle Berry

She is a queen of the short hairstyles including tousled pixie cut below.

Celebs with Short Hair-21

22. Lily Collins

Her neat short hairstyle is a great inspiration for girls.

Celebs with Short Hair-22

23. Kristen Stewart

Her shimmery make up and side parted bob with fringes is a great combination for a chic look.

Celebs with Short Hair-23

24. Hollywood Blonde

This side parted blonde pixie style can be sported for special occasions or casual look.

Celebs with Short Hair-24

25. Shailene Woodley

Shailene looks really cute yet chic with her pixie cut and fringes.

Celebs with Short Hair-25