20 Super Short Haircuts for Ladies



Got bored with your hairstyle and looking for the latest short haircuts? Here are the images of 20 Super Short Haircuts for Ladies that can be inspiring for you to update your look?

1. Very Short Pixie

Layered pixie cuts are great for ladies with thick and wavy hair, this way you can emphasize your waves nicely.

Very Short Haircuts

2. Very Short Hair Back View

Here is a back view of super short dark pixie cut that can frame your face.

Very Short Hair

3. Boy Haircut for Girl

This boyish haircut with long and spiky hair on top can be adopted by girs with masculine and cool style.

Very Short Haircuts for Women

4. Women Over 50

Mature women tend to adopt shorter hairstyles, so here is a nice example!

Very Short Haircut

5. Super Short Pixie

Super short pixie cut with bleached blonde hair color may look daring but this haircut is definitely face framing.

Very Short Hair Styles

6. Women Over 40 Design

Here is buttery blonde pixie cut with wispy bangs and choppy layers.

Very Short Haircuts-6

7. Short Hair and Glasses

She looks really cute with her brunette pixie cut with bangs and her glasses.

Very Short Haircuts-7

8. Demi Moore

If you have wavy hair and narrow forehead, Demi Moore’s pixie would be your guide.

Very Short Haircuts-8

9. Miley Cyrus

Wet look is one of the most popular style for celebrities as you can see you can sport this style with short hairstyles.

Very Short Haircuts-9

10. Low Haircut

Nothing can be eye catching as super short haircut with a vibrant hair color!

Very Short Haircuts-10

11. Very Short Shaved Hair

Here is a buzz cut with platinum blonde hair color.

Very Short Haircuts-11

12. Japanese Style

You can also have blunt or long bangs with your short hairstyle.

Very Short Haircuts-12

13. Short Curly Hairstyle

This wavy-curly short hairstyle is simple yet absolutely frame her face and emphasize her gorgeous eyes.

Very Short Haircuts-13

14. Black Women Short Haircut

Very Short Haircuts-14

15. Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, this layered pixie cut with gray hair color would look absolutely gorgeous on you.

Very Short Haircuts-15

16. Beautiful Short Hair

Very Short Haircuts-16

17. Ultra Short Pixie

Natalie Portman chop off her locks for a movie V for Vandetta, her short pixie is perfectly frames her face and body.

Very Short Haircuts-17

18. Short Spiky Hair

Here is a blonde spiky pixie cut with dark roots.

Very Short Haircuts-18

19. Very Short Whispy Hair

Wispy and spiky hairstyles will add your short haircut some body and texture.

Very Short Haircuts-19

20. Buzzed Hairstyle

Undercut and buzzed hairstyles are extremely popular among young women, this haircut is also layered to give some texture to the rest of the hair.

Very Short Haircuts-20