20+ Easy-To-Style Layered Haircuts for Curly Hair



Spring! It’s the perfect time to start looking for a fresh new hairstyle. Here we have collected 20+ Easy-To-Style Layered Haircuts for Curly Hair you should try! Think layers look beautiful only on straight and smooth hair? Well, a layered hairstyle looks beautiful on curly hair as well. In fact layers prevents your curly hair to frizz and puff. We all know that curly hair needs extra care, you should use hair products for curly and frizzy hair. And layered short hairstyles are your best assistant for this case. Short curly haircuts look fresh, sophisticated and stylish. Balayage highlights look very attractive on curly short hairstyles as they create different effects. For softening your facial features, have a few strands lightened and achieve glowing gorgeous look. There are many different types of layers that can be applied to curly hair so seeing a hair stylist who will be able to look at the characteristics of your curls will give you the best results. Check our gallery for more curly hair ideas and add a cool and youthful touch to your appearance with these short curly layered hairstyles.

1. Short Curly Layered Hairstyle

This curly layered hairstyle with bangs is a great way to show of your unique style.

Short Curly Layered Hairstyles

2. Short Layered Curly Hair Style

Layered hairstyle is great for curly hair because it would be easier to style.

Short Layered Curly Hair

3. Short Layered Curly Haircut

You can achieve this curly short hairstyle look with light layering and hair styling mousse.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts

4. Very Short Curly Haircut

This loose curls and dark bob hairstyle is great for special events.

Very Short Curly Haircuts

5. Layered Short Curly Haircut

Short curly hairstyle would look really stylish with layering.

Layered Short Curly Haircuts

6. Layered Ombre Bob

These loose curls and ombre bob hairstyle is a great definition of hair trends.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-6

7. Curly Bob Hair

This blonde curly bob hair looks really nice and chic that she looks effortlessly cool.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-7

8. Curly Bob with Bangs

Her short hairstyle with bangs make a statement of face shape and eyes.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-8

9. Curly Bob Hair Cut

Curly haired women can have bang too, check this image below!

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-9

10. Cute Curly Hairstyle

Her gorgeous curls looks great with her lightly layered bob hairstyle.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-10

11. Ombre Bob Hair

This ombre hair transition may be a cool insipiraion for many women.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-11

12. Layered Short Bob

Judie Foster looks really stunning with her layered messy short hair style.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-12

13. Angled Bob Hair

Here is another great option for curly short hairstyle: angled short bob hairstyle.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-13

14. Cute Short Bob with Bangs

Audrey Tautou’s curly short hairstyle with layers and light hair color looks really cute yet feminine.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-14

15. Curly Short Hair

Here is a blonde layered bob hairstyle that can be great inspiration for you.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-15

16. Layered Wavy Bob

This dark hair color and lightly layered bob hairstyle looks really chic and trendy.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-16

17. Curly Long Bob with Bangs

This long curly bob hairstyle looks unique because of layering and straight bangs.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-17

18. Curly Long Bob

Here is a voluminous curly bob hairstyle that can be worn for casual look.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-18

19. Differet Short Hairstyle

Her multiple hair color and layered short bob hairstyle make statement of her personality and style.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-19

20. Curly Hair with Highlights

Highlighted curls look really nice and healthy as you can see in this picture.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-20

21. Curly Short Haircut

Here is the last example of curly short hairstyle idea.

Short Layered Curly Haircuts-21