Gracious Hairstyle Ideas for Women Over 40



Short hairstyles for the ladies in her 40’s allows her to keep up with a color maintenance program where the roots of her hair are dyed to remove the gray coloring. Short haircuts is less demanding to maintain than longer or middle length hair for women over 40 and this provides the woman valuable time better spent elsewhere.

If you’re woman over 40 and realizing the first of those greys you’ll know that it isn’t just the color that changes as we grow older. As hair turns grey it also has a tendency to become more coarse, and not so easily controllable. With the extra time it takes to tame your locks many older women might be influenced to give up and chop it off, but if you’re determined to keep hold of your long hair you need to fight for it.

As you can see, provided you think carefully and pick a short hairstyle that suits your face shape and complexion there’s no reason at all that you can’t look stunning at 40 and beyond. It is probably not nearly as simple as it was back when you could get out of bed and appear great, but with some effort you can enhance with age. A little confidence and the right styling is all it takes!

1. Best Short Hair Women Over 40

There’s nothing like a power bob to make 40+ women feel confident and look like a million bucks. Ladies with square faces might want to avoid blunt, severe cuts and add softness instead with bended layers.
Short Hair for Women Over 40

2. Short Haircut Over 40

The uniqueness of this medium length style lies in the contrast of hues. While most styles tend to blend smoothly, this look does the opposite, and it makes the hair look thicker in the front.
Short Haircuts Over 40

3. Short Hair Style Women Over 40

It is not one of the most common short hairstyles for women over 40 and that makes it perfect for someone who has never wanted to blend in.
Short Hair Women Over 40

4. Best Short Haircut for Women Over 40

Fringed Bob Wearing bangs with fine hair is tough because you have to take hair from the top to create them which decreases the volume in your overall cut.
Short Haircut for Women Over 40

5. Short Haircut for Ladies Over 40

Grey hair is a major point of concern in hairstyles for women over 40. A trick is to switch to cool toned dyes with an ash hue that will blend better with a few silvery strands that start showing.
Short Haircuts for Ladies Over 40

6. Ombre Bang Haircuts

Haircuts for women over 40 should flatter each woman’s face shape and complexion, which is why it is important to see a stylist who will provide you with a look specifically tailored to you.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-6

7. Full and Flirty

Pixie haircuts are great for women with heart shaped and oval faces because they draw attention to a slim jawline. Because the style is neither short nor long, ask your hairdresser for layers to create movement.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-7

8. Long Blonde Bob

This is an ideal look for women in their 40s, 50s or even 60s who are at the top of their professional game. The simple style works well in conservative settings, but it’s still trendy enough to transition to after hour dinner and drinks.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-8

9. Classy Cream-Blonde Bob

This trendy in 2016 collar-bone bob mimics the ideal contours of its wearer’s face and features softness in every line.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-9

10. Sweet Spiraled Layers

Don’t make it complicated when it comes to your next haircut. Layers and spiraled curls are go-to elements in medium and long hairstyles for women because they flatter many different face shapes and hair textures.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-10

11. Sassy Side Bang

The crazy texture in this cut may seem daunting, but once ladies leave their thirties behind they become fearless and confident—which is the best time to try something outside of the box.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-11

12. Balayage and Ombre

Upgrade your basic haircut with a mix of the two most popular trends of the moment: balayage and ombre. The first uses a hand painted technique to create natural highlights, while the second fades hair from light at the roots to dark at the ends.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-12

13. Straight Bob with Bangs

Women with round faces can pull off short hair styles with a few minor tweaks. If you wear bangs, let them be wispy. Blunt cuts also provide sharpness to soft curved visages.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-13

14. Asymmetric Caramel Bob Hairstyle

As a result, you are getting a chic style, complemented with caramel and cream blonde highlights.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-14

15. Shaggy A-Line Bob

Cropped layers and shagginess for the edges is super cute on medium length, whereas simple A-line silhouette is universally flattering for all face shapes.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-15

16. Curly Short Bob

ith the help of a medium barrel curling iron or a straightener and setting spray, you can bring thickness and dimension to thin, short hair by adding in a waterfall of layers and waves.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-16

17. Shoulder Length Beauty

As women are maturing, they tend to look better with hair that doesn’t reach beyond the shoulders. Women in their forties still often play up shorter haircuts with layers, curls and highlights.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-17

18. Stacked Side Bang

A pixie bob can not only create volume, but also beautifully blend shorter pieces in the back with long sassy bangs and crown tresses.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-18

19. Shortest Pixie with Short Bangs

The most fresh, cool and efortless hairstyle!
Short Hair for Women Over 40-19

20. Edgy Platinium Blonde Pixie

The short fluffy pixie has a fantastic wispy texture, ideal for bright summer looks.
Short Hair for Women Over 40-20

21. Wavy Messy Pixie

Elegant and easy!
Short Hair for Women Over 40-21