Short Hair Color Trends of 2015 – 2016 Season



New year, new season, new hairs and new hair color! Perhaps you are busy trying to find new ideas or forecasts for the hottest Short Hair Color Trends of 2015 – 2016 Season. So, you are in the right place, as we are producing those new trends for you here. On one hand, there are no major changes with regards to hair color trends – on the other hand, there is a notable shift in the focus of color. At the moment, natural looking dresses with a “pop” of color is what is defining hair color trends for 2015-2016.

You can definitely find the name crazy or weird, but babylights is a new popular among celebrities and supermodels. Actually, it is the ideal kind of hair color for spring or summer because of the use of light hues and short hair color tones. The main reason why it functions so well for the the summer season months is because it looks as if the sun lightened it! It is all about subtlety. With babylights, the highlights blend more with your base color as the tiniest bits of hair are sectioned out to be colored. Most of the color that shines through is your natural hair color. A few well placed babylights can also make your hair look healthier and the color more dynamic.

If you are preparing to book a scheduled appointment with your hairdresser for a new hair color and new short hairstyle, make sure you check out the trends below for these fun possibilities. You can also check out celebrity hair inspirations to find the most suitable match for your skin tone or hair type.

1. Short Hair Colour Trend 2015

If you are in a rut with hair color ideas, veer off course a bit and try on pale pink hair for size.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015

2. 2016 Short Hair Color Trend

This cute color can be worn on a wide variety of lengths and styles.
2016 Short Hair Color Trends

3. 2015 Short Hair Color Trend

Hair colors often play it too safe, so dare to be different with dark plum hair or a rainbow of additional accent colors.
2015 Short Hair Color Trends

4. Short Hair Color Trend

Hair coloring ideas don’t have to be particularly daring or different. Going with a classic brown is a lovely choice for those who aren’t allowed to express themselves too strongly at the office. A nice, natural brown can often bring a sleek sheen to hair you’ll love.
Short Hair Color Trends

5. 2016 Hair Color Trend for Short Hair

Undercut half golden half dark pixie style.
2016 Hair Color Trends for Short Hair

6. Voluminous Pastel Bob Hairstyle

With a pastel pink color at the roots and light purple throughout the middle and to the ends, a hairstyle like this demonstrates the magic you can create when you combine two outrageous hair colors together.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-6

7.  Dark Hair with Purple Highlights

Get cute and funky with a fun purple shade – or several!
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-7

8. Pink Pastel Pixie

There are different shades of pastel pink. If you want to achieve a pale shade, you should only use a small amount of pink dye.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-8

9. Bold Blonde

Blonde is a classic hue that is forever trendy thanks to its wide variety of shades. Try a gold hair color or go platinum. No matter what you try, blonde hair is always in style.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-9

10. Color and Waves

Dark hair color ideas are just as popular as lighter shades, and a cool two tone color will shine bright on wavy hair. Go for a dark brown with light brown accents next time you visit your salon.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-10

11. Burgundy Beauty

A deep burgundy is a popular hair color for fall. Darkening up as the weather cools is a lovely way to express your excitement for the upcoming holidays.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-11

12. Blunt Blue Pixie Cuts

Just because you have a blunt haircut doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the pastel color trend. This short blue pixie bob is mesmerizing!
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-12

13. Traditional Color Trends

You may add a sprinkling of very subtle lowlights or highlights to your base color, which first of all will be a right decision for dark blondes. Cute and traditional, livened up color will leave you feeling cool and confident.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-13

14. Dramatic Dark Hues

This option is ideal for any hair type, including African American curls. Dark hair looks stunning with bold highlights. Add some curls or waves to your hair.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-14

15. Rebellious Sleek Pixie

Sleek, polished hair always looks good, regardless of length or color, but a flattering hair hue means so much. This color is made for girls and women of the summer color type.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-15

16. Pastel Mohawk Pixie Cut

Half sleek blonde half pastel pink shaved pixie haircut.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-16

17. Long Bangs with Pink Highlights

Amplify your color by adding flirty layers that will let the sun pick up on your highlights, creating movement throughout your style. Tasteful teasing throughout the crown will also add fullness to limp locks.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-17

18.  Sleek and Shiny Color

Sometimes simply coloring your hair will breathe new life into your every day style. Go with one of many traditional hair color trends for women – blonde, brown, black or red.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-18

19. Sleek Grey to Violet Color

Short pastel hair has never looked so good, and the cut is adorable too! The pixie cut is given a stylish boost thanks to the chic purple hair color.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-19

20. Medium Layered Bronde Hairstyle

Those who want a no-fuss style that will work easily with a jam-packed schedule full of events will love this haircut. The sleek layers and sophisticated color will blend well for any occasion.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-20

21. Platinium Blonde Pixie Cut

Short hair will look wispier than it actually is, when dyed a light color. Ash blonde is a very cool option.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-21

22. Blunt Cut Turquoise Green Bob

Well, that’s a non-standard hair color, to say the least. Punctuated by blunt cut bangs and shaggy, layered ends, this cut and style have all the elements of a cute, quirky anime character.
Short Hair Colour Trends 2015-22