Chic Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair



If you have bored with your short hairstyle now it’s time to giving a new style! We have gathered a list of Chic Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair for you to get inspired. We all know that short hairstyle is in fashion lately, there are many short hairstyles that can make you look beautiful and chic. Short haircuts show of features of your glowing face that are usually covered by long hair. An idea that with short hair you will have to wear the same hairstyle every day is just a myth. Most short haircuts can be easily transformed from day time casual hairdos into trendy evening short hairstyles. Layered short hairstyles are extremely trendy for this year and there’s a short haircut to fit and compliment every face shape and body. We have prepared a selection of best short haircuts for girls of different ages. There are easy waterfall braided hairstyle, layered short haircuts, bob hairstyles and more… You should try one of these gorgeous short hairstyles to look fresh and stylish.

1. Short Girl Haircut

This brunette bob hairstyle great for girls with almost every skin tone!

Short Girl Haircuts

2. Short Haircut Girl

Here is a boyish pixie cut with long bangs that can make you masculine yet chic.

Short Haircut Girls

3. Best Short Haircut for Girl

Blonde hair, messy waves and bob hairstyle are just in the same picture.

Short Haircut for Girl

4. Hairstyle for Short Hair for Girls

This is a great bob hairstyle with bangs for girls with straight and thick hair.

Hairstyles for Short Hair for Girls

5. Girl with Short Hair Cut

Here is a bob hair is styled as tousled wavy bob for a special occasion.

Girls with Short Hair Cuts

6. Dark Pixie Cut

This pixie style looks great on her dark hair and medium skin tone.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-6

7. Girl with Pixie Style

Her bold lips and dark hair color make a statement of her unique style.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-7

8. Pixie Style with Bangs

Look at these Michelle Williams inspired messy blonde pixie style with bangs!

Short Girl Hair Cuts-8

9. Cute Short Hairstyle

Here is a really cute hairstyle that you can sport with bob hairstyle.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-9

10. Curly Pixie Cut

Her natural hair and curly pixie cut is another inspiration for women with curly hair.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-10

11. Pink and Blonde Pixie

She looks really young and innocent with her pink and blonde pixie color.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-11

12. Long Bob Hair

Here is a cute long bob hair with a little bit of layering.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-12

13. Wavy Blonde Bob

Blonde hair color with dark roots make a bold statement of your look.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-13

14. Blunt Bob Hair

This blunt bob hairstyle is great for women with thin hair texture.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-14

15. Short Bob Hairstyle

Look at this effortless side swept bob hairstyle! This is a great haircut for young ladies.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-15

16. Inverted Bob with Highlights

This inverted bob so chic that you may want those highlights immediately.


Short Girl Hair Cuts-16

17. Gray Pixie

Pixie cut is powerful and chic yet this pixie cut with grey hair color is definitely chic.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-17

18. Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Blonde bob with loose waves won’t be out of fashion soon.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-18

19. Straight Bob Hair

This is a great bob hairstyle for girls with straight hair texture.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-19

20. Blonde Blunt Bob

Look at this cute blunt bob hairstyle, this is suitable for many women of different ages too.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-20

21. Brunette Pixie Cut

If you don’t want spend so much time to maintain your hair this short pixie cut is perfect for you!

Short Girl Hair Cuts-21

22. Pink Bob

This side parted bob hairstyle with pink hair color is just right hairstyle for cute girls.

Short Girl Hair Cuts-22