20 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Wavy Hair



Bob hairstyles have remained a consistently popular hair trend for decades -since women started choosing to wear their hair shorter. But there’s always a modern update on the style and the most valid looks usually come thanks to celebrities who trial them first. The wavy bob is a dream actualize for many of us who are short on time in the mornings. It’s an easy-to-style cut that’s all about giving your hair a healthy dose of bounce and creating the illusion of an easy look. For those who are blessed with waves or curls, the wavy bob is an easy short cut to style, but even if you’ve got super-straight tresses, your hairdresser can layer it to create movement and structure. Feeling inspired to try the look? Have the assurance to wear your short wavy hairstyle in a unique, elegant and usual way. Below are some extremely fancy and different 20 Chic Bob Hairstyles with Wavy Hair!

1. Fine Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Wavy Bob Hairstyles Ideas


2. Wavy Dark Bob With Blunt Bangs

Wavy Dark Bob With Bangs


3. Trendy Wavy Brown Bob Haircut

Trendy Wavy Bob Haircuts


4. Wavy Short Bob Hair for Women

Wavy Short Bob Hair

5. Sleek Wavy Bob Hair with Side Bangs

Wavy Bob Hair with Side Bangs Ideas

6. Wavy Long Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Best Wavy Long Bob Hair with Bangs


7. Wavy Long Bob Hairstyle Front and Back View

Wavy Long Bob Hairstyles Ideas

8. Wavy Inverted Bob 2015

Wavy Bob Ideas 2015


9. Chic Wavy Bob for 2015

Chic Wavy Bob Hair 2015


10. Classy Wavy Short Blunt Bob 2015

Classy Wavy Short Bob Ideas 2015

11. Chic Wavy Long Bob Cut

Wavy Long Bob Cut Ideas


12. Blonde Wavy Bob Hair Cut

Wavy Bob Hair Cut Ideas

13. Trendy Wavy Bob Hair Cut with Blunt Bangs

Trendy Wavy Bob Hair Cut


14. Wavy Bob Hair Back View

Wavy Bob Back View

15. Cutest Beachy Wavy Bob

Beachy Wavy Bob Hair

16. Braided Bob for Wavy Hair

Bob for Wavy Hairstyles


17. Long Bob for Wavy Hairstyle

Long Bob for Wavy Hair Ideas

18. Cute Blonde Bob Idea for Wavy Hair

Blonde Bob Idea for Wavy Hair Type

19. Modern Blonde Bob for Wavy Hair

Modern Bob for Wavy Hairstyles

20. Casual Short Bob for Wavy Hair Side View

Casual Bob for Wavy Hair Side View