Short Haircuts You Will Prefer for Long Faces



Almost every face shape is special. Its features, size and form condition the option of good short hairstyles. Short hair styles for very long faces usually are not a huge issue. Some of celebrity ladies and popular bloggers, have long face shapes and generally seem stunning. If you know what type of hair styles to select to slimmer your own actual physical guidelines, you possibly can make your long face shape appear beautifully oval or otherwise really enchanting and also fairly sweet. However, there’s an impression that with an incorrect selection of a hair style a woman who’s long in her face might looks a little weird. You’ve probably noticed these long faces short hair styles, provided with long beautifully straight hair types, providing the feared thinning and elongating impact. Well, within the following Short Haircuts You Will Prefer for Long Faces you may get away it rather than have a simple question about whether you seem stunning.

1. Short Fine Haircut for Long Faces

The bangs cutting the length of the forehead with a diagonal line, this style would be also flattering for an oblong face.
Short Haircuts for Long Faces

2. Best Short Blonde Hair for Long Face

With an oblong face, you should shy away long sleek tresses along the sides of your face, dragging it down. Instead, give your preference to voluminous medium-length hairstyles
Short Hair for Long Face

3. Layered Pixie for Long Face

This long pixie with cute ombre bangs veiling the forehead almost completely is chic and eye-catching.
Pixie Cut Long Face

4. Pixie Hair for Long Faces

Oblong faces look most flattering with medium and shorter hairstyles with bangs.
Pixie Cut for Long Face

5. Short Bob Haircut for Long Face

The right length, slightly curled edges and volume towards the ends are exactly what you need.
Short Haircut for Long Face

6. Undercut for Long Face

Choppy layers throughout the crown boost fullness in thinning strands.
Short Haircuts for Long Faces-6

7. Wavy Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Ladies who are looking for a shorter style, but still want to keep a bit of length, should consider a bob haircut. While the cut may be classic, the tousled waves and subtle highlights make it modern and fresh.
Short Haircuts for Long Faces-7

8. Chin-Length Haircut

The bob is great because it creates volume in straight strands. Blunt bangs are perfect in short haircuts for long faces as they decrease the length within the visage while highlighting the cheekbones and a sleek nose.
Short Haircuts for Long Faces-8

9. Side-Swept Waves for Long Faces

Use layers to your advantage by drawing attention to your best features and softening your face shape. This heavy side bang highlights the gorgeous cheekbones and alluring eyes.
Short Haircuts for Long Faces-9

10. Side Bang for Long Faces

Girls with oblong faces tend to have big foreheads and pointy chins. The best hairstyles for long faces to counteract this sharpness are those with a heavy side bang.
Short Haircuts for Long Faces-10

11. Natural Waves for Long Face

Natural waves are great for women who are short on time, because all you have to do is wash and let your hair air dry with a bit of product worked into the ends of your locks for some statement texture.
Short Haircuts for Long Faces-11

12. Hairstyle with Toffee Waves

The polished style is glamorous and effortless; sometimes it’s best to just stick to the tried and true hairdos.
Short Haircuts for Long Faces-12

13. Messy Medium Wavy Haircut

A lob is great for women who want trendy medium length hair. By cutting your locks past the chin, you can also easily pull your strands into a ponytail or low bun for busy days on the run.
Short Haircuts for Long Faces-13

14. Ombre Bangs for Pixie Haircut

This is proof that ombre works for many different hair lengths and styles.
Short Haircuts for Long Faces-14

15. Sleek Straight Layered Haircut

Hairstyles for oblong faces should avoid drawing attention to the chin, that’s why long layers that start bellow the chin are ideal.
Short Haircuts for Long Faces-15