Different and Eye-Catching Razor Cuts for Short Hair



You need daring to go really short hair style, but as you will see from this photo gallery, the results can be very, very cool and beautiful. Razor hair cut is one of the most impressive methods in modern hair cutting technique to create texture and elegant look. Think of the razor cut as a belt or a pair of earrings – part of the look but not the main ensemble. Razoring reduces excess weight while adding smoothness and movement to the hair. Razor cuts give a more casual finish to thick hair and you don’t get the bushy shape or cumbersome lines that you hate to see! Whether you’re looking for a cut that’s sexy or funky or lovely, there are 15 Razor Cuts for Short Hair here for getting inspiration.

1. Razor Cut Short Hair with Lowlights

Best Razor Cut Short Hair


2. Short Razor Bob Haircut Side View

Short Razor Bob Haircuts


3. Razor Cut with Bangs for Short Blonde Hair

Razor Cuts for Short Blonde Hair


4. Razor Casual Cut Hairstyle for Straight Short Hair

Razor Casual Cut Hairstyles for Short Hair


5. Razor Layered Wavy Cut for Short Hair

Razor Layered Cuts for Short Hairstyles


6. Razor Cut with Bangs and Highlights for Short Hair

Razor Cuts with Bangs for Short Hair Ideas


7. Red Razor Cut for Short Thick Hair

Razor Cuts for Short Thick Hairstyles


8. Razor Cut for Graduated Bob Short Hair

Razor Cuts for Graduated Short Hair Idea

9. Brown Razor Cut for Layered Short Hair

Razor Cuts for Layered Short Hair Styles


10. Razor Cut for Shaggy Blonde Bob Hair

Razor Cuts for Shaggy Bob Hair

11. Best Razor Cut for Short Fine Hair

Best Razor Cuts for Short Hair Ideas

12. Short Razor Cut Bob for Short Hair

Razor Cut Bob for Short Hairstyles

13. Razor Cut Fine Bob Style for Short Hair

Razor Cut Fine Bob for Short Hairstyles

14. Cute Razor Cut Bob Style

Cute Razor Cut Bob Hair

15. Cute Razor Cut with Pixie Hair

Cute Razor Cut Pixie Hair