15 Inverted Bob Haircut that You Should Try



Inverted bobs are edgy, stylish and really sexy! Here are 15 Inverted Bob Haircut that You Should Try! Check these trendy short hairstyle ideas and achieve the look that you have always dreamed of!

1. Inverted Dark Bob

Inverted bob hairstyles are extremely in trend and women love inverted styles.

Inverted Bob

2. Two Colored Inverted Bob

There are many different inverted bobs to achieve an unique and edgy look.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles

3. Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

Asymmetrical inverted bobs are perfect for women with triangle face shape.

Inverted Bob Haircut

4. Colored Inverted Bob

Here is a layered inverted bob hairstyle with a really nice pink hair color.

Inverted Bobs

5. Short In The Back Long In The Front

This short in the back and long at the front bob with highlights is effortlessly cool and stylish.

Inverted Bob Hairstyle

6. Copper Bob

Here is a graduated bob hairstyle that is perfect for thick hair texture.

Inverted Bob Haircut-6

7. Long Inverted Bob

Back view of inverted bob is as important as the frontal view because you will need some layering at the back of the head.

Inverted Bob Haircut-7

8. Bob with Red Tips

Here is a red ombre bob hair with an inverted style.

Inverted Bob Haircut-8

9. Inverted Bob with Bangs

As you can see there are many layered at the back and highlight give a really nice vibe to her hairstyle.

Inverted Bob Haircut-9

10. Short Wavy Angled Bob

Wavy styles looks really chic and trendy on inverted bobs as you can see below in this pic:Inverted Bob Haircut-10

11. Classy Cut

Women with straight hair can go with this classy cut, you will achieve much more voluminous look.

Inverted Bob Haircut-11

12. Side Swept

Here is a side swept bob hair with stacked back and blonde hair color, this one is for women of all ages including over 50.

Inverted Bob Haircut-12

13. Asymmetrical Inverted Wavy Bob

This asymmetrical inverted bob hair with loose waves is perfect for girls.

Inverted Bob Haircut-13

14. Stacked A Line Haircut

Wanna sport more significant angled bob hair? Here is a good example for that!

Inverted Bob Haircut-14

15. Purple Highlights

Those highlights looks really edgy and chic on this layered bob hairstyle.

Inverted Bob Haircut-15