Most Beloved Female Celebrities with Short Hair



Celebrity hairstyles are great to look at when planning your next hairstyle. Of course, it helps that celebrities are everywhere, but the latest celebrity short hairstyles are a helpful source of inspiration because celebrities are generally on the cutting-edge of what’s new and trendy. In fact most of them look better with a shorter haircut. For a bit of haircut inspiration, take a look at these 15+ Beloved Female Celebrities with Short Hair. Pay close attention to these short hairstyles and charms suggestions for the best ways to wear your lovely new cut!

1. Female Celebrity with Short Wavy Hair

Best Female Celebrities with Short Hair

2. Celebrity Short Straight Hairstyle

Blonde Celebrities Short Hairstyles

3. Celebrity Short Pixie Haircut

Best Celebrities Short Haircuts

4. Chic Short Bob Hairstyle on Celebrity

Chic Short Hairstyles Celebrities

5. Female Celebrity with Short Dark Bob Hair

Female Celebrities with Short Bob Hair

6. Celebrity Super Short Dark Hairstyle

Best Celebrities Super Short Hairstyles

7. Celebrity Short Straight Haircut

Best Celebrities Short Straight Haircuts

8. Short Mohawk Hairstyle on Celebrity

Best Short Mohawk Hairstyles Celebrities

9. Charlize Theron with Classy Pixie Short Hair

Female Celebrities with Classy Pixie Short Hair

10. Halle Berry with Dark Hair Pixie

Female Celebrities with Dark Hair Pixie Cuts

11. Celebrity with Short Copper Long Pixie Hair

Celebrities Short Copper Hair Long Pixie

12. Celebrity Short Highlighted Dark Hair

Celebrities Short Highlighted Hairstyles

13. Alexa Chung Short Soft Wavy Hair

Celebrities Short Soft Wavy Hairstyles

14. Karlie Kloss Classy Short Bob Hair

Celebs Classy Short Bob Hair

15. Dark Wavy Short Bob Hair

Dark Wavy Hair Short Bob Cuts

16. Chic Short Dark Brown Bob Hair

Chic Short Bob Hair Female Celebrities

17. Straight Blonde Short Classy Bob Hair

Female Celebs Blonde Short Classy Bob Hair