15+ Must-Try Hairstyles for Short Straight Hair



It shows off the architecture of the haircut, hiding nothing. Combined, this kind of haircut speaks prettiness and ability. Short hair exudes boldness, confidence, personality and style. Straight hair is very modern-looking, chic, neat and graceful. Our review covers the most successful experiments of 15+ Must-Try Hairstyles for Short Straight Hair. We are sure you’ll find something interesting and inspiring for yourself here! Let’s check them out:

1. Chic Cute Dark Hairstyle for Short Straight Hair

Chic Cute Hairstyles for Short Straight Hair

2. Blonde Cute Short Straight Bob Hairstyle

Blonde Cute Short Straight Hairstyles

3. Cute Short Asymmetrical Haircut with Bangs for Straight Hair

Cute Short Asymmetrical Haircuts for Straight Hair

4. Cute Short Punk Hairstyle with Bangs for Straight Hair

Cute Short Punk Hairstyles for Straight Hair

5. Short Hair with Side Long Bangs

Short Straight Hair Long Bangs

6. Chelsea Kane Short Blonde Hairstyle

Chelsea Kane Cute Short Hairstyles

7. Hayden Panettiere Short Slicked Back Hair

Hayden Panettiere Short Straight Hair

8. Marion Cotillard Short Straight Brown Hair

Marion Cotillard Short Straight Hair

9. Short Layered Hairstyle for Square Faces

Short Straight Hairstyles for Square Faces

10. Short Cute Emo Scene Hairstyle for Girls

Short Scene Cute Hairstyles for Girls

11. Short Boyish Straight Dark Hairstyle

Short Straight Dark Hairstyles

12. Short Straight Choppy Layered Hairstyle

Short Straight Layered Hairstyles

13. Short Straight Pixie Crop Dark Hairstyle

Short Straight Pixie Crop Hairstyles

14. Side Swept Short Straight Blonde Hairstyle

Side Swept Short Straight Hairstyles

15. Thick Short Straight Cute Asian Hairstyle

Thick Short Straight Cute Hairstyles

16. Elisha Cuthbert Blonde Short Hairstyle

Elisha Cuthbert Short Straight Hairstyles

17. Cute Short Haircut for Straight Fine Hair

Cute Short Haircuts Straight Fine Hair