Latest Cool Pixie Cuts for Curly Haired Ladies



Women with curly hair can sometimes feel that they have to give up super short styles because medium length hair will be unflattering to their curl pattern or too thick and disorderly around the face. But, with the right cut and color tricks you can make your curls work for you. Short curly hairstyles appears fascinating and voluminous. It works better on people with thin hair texture since the waves and the curls can make the head look fuller. The stunning short hairstyle has soft bouncy curls which create much volume and shape. With curly hair you may go for extra short sides and nape, like a pixie. There are beautiful 15 Cool Pixie Cuts for Curly Hair below.

1. Ginger Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Cool Pixie Cuts for Curly Hair


2. Super Blonde Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Super Pixie Cut for Curly Hair


3. Curly Dark Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Curly Dark Hair Pixie Cut

4. Curly Undercut Pixie Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Curly Undercut Pixie Hairstyles

5. Curly Red Highlightde Pixie Hairstyle

Cool Curly Red Pixie Hairstyles


6. Trendy Dark Curly Pixie Hairstyle

Trendy Curly Pixie Hairstyles

7. Curly Pixie Hairstyle with Undercut

Cool Curly Pixie Hairstyles Undercut

8. Stylish Brown Curly Pixie Hairstyle

Stylish Curly Pixie Hairstyles

9. Blonde Curly Pixie Hairstyle for Older Women

Blonde Curly Pixie Hairstyles for Older Women

10. Nice Curly Pinned Pixie Hairstyle

Nice Curly Pixie Hairstyles


11. Curly Pixie Chic Vintage Hairstyle

Curly Pixie Cuts Chic Hairstyles

12. Messy Pixie Cut for Dark Curly Hair

Pixie Cuts for Dark Curly Haired Girls

13. Audrey Tautou Cute Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Cute Pixie Cuts for Curly Hairstyles

14. Dark Pixie Cut for Thick Curly Hair

Cool Pixie Cuts for Thick Curly Hair

15. Short Pixie Cut for Blonde Curly Hair

Pixie Cuts for Blonde Curly Hairstyles