15+ Celebrity Short Haircuts that Made a Huge Impression



Nowadays many celebrities sport short hairstyles gradually and we know you want some celebrity hair inspiration. So we have gathered 15+ Celebrity Short Haircuts that Made a Huge Impression that you will totally adore!

Long hair styles will always be beautiful, but there are lots of great short haircuts show that you don’t have to have long hairstyle to be gorgeous and chic.¬†Celebrity hairstyles are very good inspiration to choose your short hairstyle if you want to go for chop. You can see the best celebrity short hairstyles and choose the ones that you think might look good on you. Apparently, every single style change is made accordingly so that their best features are shown. So you can find similar features with celebrities and get inspired by their look when you want to refresh your style.

For a little haircut inspiration, from Taylor Swift to Ruby Rose take a look at our gallery of celebrity short hairstyles, you may want to go for chop after checking these gorgeous hairstyles!

1. Short Celebrity Wavy Hairstyle

Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke looks great with her new bob hairstyle and ombre hair color.

Short Celebrity Hairstyles

2. Celebrity Short Side Swept Hair

Taylor Swift’s side swept bangs and blonde bob hair is a great for women with long faces.

Celebrity Short Hair

3. Celeb with Short Messy Hair

This pink choppy bob hair style and dark roots looks so modern and nice.

Celebs with Short Hair

4. Celebrity Short Bob Hair 2015

This short bob hairstyle looks so cute yet so stylish at the same time.

Celebrity Short Hair 2016

5. Short Soft Wavy Hair Celeb

Look at this celebrity bob hairstyle with soft waves and barely there highlights.

Short Hair Celebs

6. Kristen Stewart Pixie

Her boyish appearance and pixie cut with bangs are great combination for her whole look.

Celebrity Short Hair-6

7. Blonde Pixie Cut

This long pixie cut is ideal for blonde hair and elegant look.

Celebrity Short Hair-7

8. Short Bob Hairstyle

Short bob hair with multiple hair colors can make a great statement of your personality.

Celebrity Short Hair-8

9. Blonde Bob Hair Style

Rachel McAdams looks gorgeous with her blonde bob hair and she completes her look with red lips.

Celebrity Short Hair-9

10. Dark Short Bob Hair

Dark bob hairstyles can flatter your facial features beautifully and make color of your eyes pop.

Celebrity Short Hair-10

11. Celebrity Bob Hairstyle

Khaleesi has a natural looking bob hairstyle and looks stunning.

Celebrity Short Hair-11

12. Pink Pixie Cut

Look at this celebrity inverted bob hairstyle, her pink hair color make an excellent statement of her style.

Celebrity Short Hair-12

13. Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hair

This hair color and tousled bob hairstyle looks really gorgeous just the way it is.

Celebrity Short Hair-13

14. Hairstyle for Short Hair

You can add braids to your short hairstyle for special events.

Celebrity Short Hair-14

15. Bob Hair Cut

Layered bob hairstyles are great for women with straight and thin hair.

Celebrity Short Hair-15

16. Bob Hair with Highlights

Her hair color looks so pretty that she shines like a diamond.

Celebrity Short Hair-16

17. Cute Bob Hairstyle

This cute bob hairstyle looks so messy and stylish that can be worn by women with different ages.

Celebrity Short Hair-17