Favorite Rihanna Short Hairstyles with Curls



Every woman possesses a secret desire to look like a celebrity. Though it is not possible completely, they can get a similar look by sporting the same hairstyle and makeup. Most of the women imitate the hairstyle of celebrities. Among the popular celebrities whose hairstyles are widely followed, Rihanna is a name to reckon with. Hair chameleon Rihanna has changed her hair more times than we can remember. Check out some of her most memorable styles in our round-up of her looks over time, including her dark hair, her many short hairstyles and her curly locks. From bold bobs to punk pixies, Rihanna has done it all. Browse the gallery of Favorite Rihanna Short Hairstyles with CurlsĀ here and find your favorite.

1. Rihanna Dark Short Curly Hair

Best Rihanna Short Curly Hair

2. Rihanna Curly Short Mohawk Hair

Rihanna Curly Short Pixie Hair

3. Rihanna Charming Curly Pixie Hair

Rihanna Curly Pixie Hair

4. Rihanna Curly Bob with Side Bangs

Best Rihanna Curly Bob

5. Rihanna Thick Curly Bob Hairstyle

Rihanna Curly Bob Dark Hairstyles

6. Rihanna Classy Curly Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Rihanna Classy Curly Bob Hairstyles

7. Rihanna Curly Short Layered Hair Cut

Rihanna Curly Short Hair Cut Ideas

8. Rihanna Trendy Curly Short Pixie Hair

Rihanna Trendy Curly Short Hair Styles

9. Rihanna Curly Short Dark Hair Back

Rihanna Curly Short Hair Back View

10. Rihanna Blonde Curly Short Mohawk Hair

Rihanna Curly Short Mohawk Haircuts