10 Inspiring Pixie Lott Hairstyles



In this article, we have collected the perfect Pixie Lott’s short hairstyles. English singer and songwriter, Pixie Lott, looks like a seraphim in these gorgeous, soft short hairstyles. From layered, luscious waves to super-sweet crops a lot of short hairstyles have worn by Pixie Lott. She doesn’t need to worry about hair holding its shape in this modern, ‘wash and wear’ style; the casual, indiscriminate forms help to make it sexy. Here are 10 Inspiring Pixie Lott Hairstyles. Check out the many fabulous hairstyles of pop princess Pixie Lott.

1. Pixie Lott Short Pinned Blonde Hair

Pixie Lott Short Blonde Hair

2. Pixie Lott Style Hair Cut with Side Bangs

Pixie Lott Style Hair Cut

3. Pixie Lott Short Bob Hairstyle

Pixie Lott Short Hairstyle

4. Pixie Lott Nice Shaggy Bob Haircut

Pixie Lott Nice Bob Haircut

5. Pixie Lott Choppy Wavy Bob Haircut

Pixie Lott Choppy Bob Haircut

6. Pixie Lott Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Pixie Lott Blonde Bob Hair

7. Pixie Lott Short Choppy Blonde

Pixie Lott Short Blonde Hair

8. Pixie Lott Chic Wavy Short Hair

Pixie Lott Chic Short Hairstyles

9. Pixie Lott Modern Layered Short Hair

Pixie Lott Modern Short Hair Cut

10. Pixie Lott Blonde Fringe Short Hair

Pixie Lott Fringe Short Hair