Different and Best Blue Pixie Cut Ideas for Girls



Pixie is a commonly flattering style that can be worn in a variety of different ways – curly, wavy, straight, messy, sleek, asymmetrical and with a color pop. What was once an edgy short hairstyle has become the standard for women searching for a contemporary and polished look. In order to add some punch to your new pixie cut, we recommend adding in a lovely or fun blue hair color. We brought you pretty pastel blue hair inspiration and stunning blue lock looks, but get ready for this. Today, we are presenting you with 10 Different and Best Blue Pixie Cut that will make you a blue-haired junkie.

1. Cutest Blue Pixie Cut

Best Blue Pixie Cut


2. Straight Blue Pixie

Cool Blue Pixie


3. Blue Messy Pixie Hair

Dark Blue Pixie Hair

4. Grey Blue Spiked Pixie Style

Grey Blue Pixie Style

5. Pastel Blue Pixie Hairstyle

Pastel Blue Pixie Cut

6. Pastel Dark Blue Pixie Style

Pastel Dark Blue Pixie Cut

7. Pastel Blue and Blonde Long Pixie

Pastel Blue Long Pixie Cut

8. Short Blue Slicked Back Pixie

Blue Short Pixie Cut

9. Blue Highlighted Short Pixie Hair

Blue Highlighted Short Pixie Cut

10. Ruby Rose Thick Blue Pixie

Ruby Rose Blue Pixie Cut